Karen Page is the worst human being in the MCU


Karen Page is the worst human being in the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for just over ten full years now, and It’s time you all realized that the truest force of evil and destruction in the MCU is not some super powered mastermind, crime lord, terrorist, or renegade. It is Karen Page.

Don’t believe me? You better start.

First off, let me remind you all that she murdered this guy.

Flat out murdered him.  You can say that it was self defense but…

She didn’t even TRY to go to the police, or Matt. She just grabbed his gun (which was NOT pointed at her) and shot him dead.

You can put the phone down Wilson…your friend is dead.

And maybe a jury would lean her way, since Wesley is too DEAD to tell his side of the story.  But she didn’t report the death, she left the body lying there.  That’s against the law, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s a felony.

Let’s view this action with the “butterfly effect”.  Let’s look at the results of her cold blooded murder.

She murdered him. He was friend, confidant, and right hand man of Wilson Fisk “the Kingpin of crime”.   Something you need to understand about the world is that there is always crime…organized crime and having a central figure in charge keeps things from becoming anarchy. In it’s own way organized crime regulates mayhem.  Kingpin in particular was motivated by love of N.Y. city and by and large sought to have it grow, not crumble.

After Karen murdered poor Wesley, the Kingpin had no right hand man and things fell apart for him.  The Kingpin not being a force of regulation allowed the heroine dealer known as the Blacksmith to make NY his territory. The Blacksmith was the reason for the clusterf*ck deal gone bad in which Frank Castle’s family was murdered…turning him into the Punisher.  Franks family’s deaths and everyone he killed as the Punisher…that’s thanks to Karen.

Also, without the Kingpin around as a counterbalance the Hand was able to accelerate their plans.  AND the mysterious Blacksmith being chased down by the Punisher lead Daredevil to leave Madam Goa (central figure of the Hand) in peace after finding out she was still in N.Y.

He’s not here for you Goa, he’s on a wild goose chase to find the Blacksmith who would never have gotten a foothold if the Kingpin wasn’t in jail because he didn’t have his right hand man around because Karen murdered him.  Just continue on with your plan of destroying New York, send Karen Page a thank you card when you’re done.

If not for this, Daredevil might have stopped her right then and there. With the Kingpin and Daredevil preoccupied, thanks to Karen, Goa and the Hand moved forward.  They killed Stick, Electra, kidnapped and murdered a bunch of kids, attacked a hospital, and eventually Misty Knight got her arm chopped off and a building got dropped on Daredevil, before they were finally stopped.

How much death and destruction are we up to thanks to Karen?

I’m sure you’re scoffing right now…”the butterfly effect is B.S. you can’t know what else might have happened” and blah blah blah. and probably thinking “you can’t blame her for all this, she didn’t intend for that to happen. The motivation has to be taken into account.”

I’m glad you brought that up.  The villains we’ve seen in the MCU, they all by and large have an understandable motivation…a purpose of some sort, a goal.  Most of them, in their own warped way, think the world will be better once they achieve their goal.  The Kingpin, and Thanos fall into that category. Then there are the villains seeking revenge, Zemo for instance. While this does not justify their actions it’s certainly understandable. We can even feel a bit of sympathy.  Then there are the villians who’ve had childhood trauma of such a degree that it is that trauma more so than the villain which is responsible for the resulting mayhem. And of course you have greed…understandable how someone who started out good can eventually loose sight of the value of human life while pursuing wealth.  ALLLLLLLL the other villains have some core element that changed them into who they are…and a purpose they wish to achieve.

Karen Page is a just a PSYCHOPATH…a sociopath at the least.  Who’s soul motivation seems to be some sick high she gets out of being surrounded by death and choas.

She lies non-stop and death and destruction are the results. AND she never stops lying despite the clear pattern of death and destruction that result from her lying.  She sees what her lies do, and keeps on lying.

“when did she lie?”

I’M GLAD YOU ASKED THAT.  I was going to screen cap every lie, but that turned out to be a task that could take WEEKS, because SHE NEVER STOPS LYING.  I’ll just give you some highlights

She lied to Matt and Foggy the FIRST TIME they met….here she is telling them she had NO IDEA who killed the man in her apartment or WHY.

…that turned out to be a lie.

Ah…but she wasn’t sure she could trust them then, right?…but later on when she knew she could trust them…she lied again.

She lied TWICE to her own lawyer about a MURDER CASE.

Karen Page’s word itself is worth JACK SH*T.  Here she is breaking her word to her DEAD GRANDMA.

She told the woman she’d only make it for her future husband.   There’s TWO men there, right?  Maybe she was going to marry one, break her vows, get divorced and marry the other one?  Either she breaks a vow to her grandma or plans to break her wedding vows.

Here’s another lie to Foggy

a short time later…

Meh, a little white lie, right?  Maybe you need a more clear example of her lies and the death that she causes.

Here she is lying to Ben, who had confided in her that his wife needed assisted living care.  Telling Karen Page ANYTHING personal is a mistake.

She takes his sad tale and LIES to capitalize on it…to get Ben to go to a nursing home that the Kingpins elderly mother is living in.

Some time later…

I don’t know Karen, being strangled to death, seems like it hurts.

She didn’t even have to lie that lie!  She could have just gone there herself!  She lied for the hell of it…knowing Ben’s life would be in danger.  PERHAPS, she lied because she knew Ben would be easier to track down than her, on the off chance the Kingpin found out.  She either put Ben’s life in danger with her lie because she didn’t want to take a cab, or because she wanted the Kingpin so seek him out instead of her. Either way…she lied and it got Ben killed.

Get a load of this one.  After known criminal Grotto goes to their law firm for help and then collapses from an injury, he wakes up to find Karen Page…calling him by an alias.

She lied to the hospital staff…made up a whole story, got the nurse to cry!  LIED about the identity of a wanted felon who is currently being hunted.  Look at her face…go ahead…take a good look at the wry grin. How pleased she is with herself.

a short time later.

Gunshots, chaos, screams, panicking as Punisher invades the hospital, with no fear of any cops being around because Karen LIED to the staff about who Grotto was.  AND…UNDERSTAND THIS…there was no practical reason for this lie. NONE.  The plan all along was to go to the DA. Grotto is not trying to escape police custody, he is trying to get police protection! Why would she lie??? I’ll tell you why. she loves it.

Then later still, the poor bastard is still listening to this woman, as she tells him to help the DA with a sting operation, because that will make him safe..

.some time later…

NEVER trust what this woman tells you!

Here she is lying to her boss

Here she is lying to the police

Here she is lying to the cops again, for no reason.  They OFFER to give her police protection.  They didn’t demand it. They offered, she accepted.  The city pays for a hotel room and two officers to watch over her.

that was a lie, the second their backs are turned…out the door she goes to find more chaos.

Lady, why the f8ck did ya accept the protective custody in the first place?! Just to waste money and have to less cops on the street for people who need them?

and here’s a…hold on a second….I have Daredevil season 2 still playing in the background and Karen is in a scene.  Let’s see what hell breaks lose…

NO!  Don’t stand up for her, old man!  Karen Page is…


Anyway, as I was saying…Don’t ever listen to this woman!

some time later…

But here’s my favorite one…Frank Castle, lying in a hospital bed. She admits to having broken into his apartment ( a crime) and rather than get angry, he asks some questions in an effort to jog his memory of the events of the tragic day…

and she tells him they were in the sink.  She even gets specific.

a short time later…

What the f*ck is your problem, lady?!  She cannot bring herself to tell the truth about anything…ever.  And this was a guy who was going on trial, asking her questions in an effort to jog his memory and help HER.  and she lied. why?!

Because she likes to lie, she enjoys the chaos that ensues. what other conclusion can we come to?  She is a bright woman. Bright enough to see a clear pattern between her lies and the DEATH that follows them.

She loves the choas…she can’t turn away from it.

…some time later.

Doesn’t look to me like he’s “dead to her”.

Sure, Frank…give her a big hug!  She’s the reason your family is dead…the reason all the people you killed are dead.  The reason Wesley is dead, Stick is dead, The old man is dead, all the kids got taken by the Hand, a hospital was attacked, Electra died, the Hand caused an earthquake in new York city, a building got dropped on Daredevil… Misty Knight lost her arm…I’m sure there is more I am forgetting or didn’t notice.   But who can blame me for not being able to keep up with all the horrific violence and destruction that Karen Page is at the root of?  If I didn’t stop with just these highlights this blog might never get done, because by the time I screen captured all her previous lies…she’d be 14 lies in on some other Netflix MCU show.  Just what I’ve listed is hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars worth of property damage.

I defy you to name another villain in the MCU who’s word is more continually worthless, or for that matter refuses to alter behavior that brings destruction and death without any purpose in mind.  You can’t.


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