Powerpuff girls part2 OR ask a stupid question…

So in my previous blog I asked why grown men are giving their opinion of a comic book for 7 year old girls.

(that blog is here)

for those of you gifted enough to manage to miss my very not subtle point…that was the main question. I wasn’t making any point about who was right or wrong, I have no dog in that fight and don’t care.

However…this was one RARE time where I actually got a satisfactory answer to one of my questions.  Over the course of the FB thread, I was educated to the fact that these grown men are actually buying these books.

That along with my pretty pony, the sexual fantasies of the millennium generation include powerpuff girls, care bears, and pretty much every other aspect of childhood…to me this is akin to Citizen King rubbing himself on his sled.

Now…we have all reached points in a relationship where you are burying your head in the pillow and pretending the person under you is someone else…or a dead hitchhiker. But this is something else entirely.

And I have a theory on why all this is in vogue with these people.   It is a larger problem with that entire bunch.  One that encompasses their whole life.  They have been handed everything and don’t have to work for anything.  Stay with me here because I’m going somewhere other than you think.

They don’t get told they are wrong, they don’t have to work for anything, they get “participation trophies”…and so they have reached adulthood without learning how to get good at anything or acquire skill.  In short, they suck at having sex.  They don’t even know that they have to “move like this” or ask her to “do that other thing” or have any clue or gumption as to how to make the actual physical feeling get any better.  Also they have little to no idea that a sexual relationship is a relationship, and it is better the more attached you are and the more you get to know each other.

So  lacking all of that, all they can do is try to bring forward themes from the last time they were truly happy and not living in empty unfulfilled limbo, searching for unearned bliss.

You see, it’s even sadder and more disturbing than it first seems.

I’m sorry I asked.  Enjoy your children’s comic books, I’m going to go lock my door now.

On a side note…that picture of me and cookie monster was taken at a comic book convention and I remember the suit was sweaty, I simply figured the person inside was sweating because it was hot as hell in there.  Now I have to wonder…because I am a pretty man, was the person inside sweating for some other reason?  Forget I asked that.  I’ve gotten too many answers this week already.

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