I saw something the other day I didn’t know existed anymore. I was at the gas station, which is the hub of activity in a white trash neighborhood. It not only serves as a location to gas up your 92 Ford topaz with sarah wrap replacing the passenger… Continue reading

Mad magazine is still being published

I’m tired of hearing about my big brother… or Babe Ruth couldn’t hit one single modern day pitcher Let’s be relists…Babe Ruth couldn’t hit a modern day curve ball, Jack Dempsey wouldn’t last two minutes in a boxing ring in 2012, Vince Lombardi and his Green Bay Packers would lose… Continue reading

Online dating…

***VALENTINES DAY COUPON CODE – vdayfeh- is good for 20%off at our online store every valentines day! take that dough you would have spent on some life ruining ingrate and get yourself something nice.       My kids are my whole life or Not much going on I got a… Continue reading

Do you like it when someone tells you how to do YOUR job?

Don’t try this at home Getting annoyed, for me anyhow, is allot like being a tea kettle. It just sort of builds up slowly until a shrieking noise comes out of me seemingly out of nowhere. People who are the straw that broke the camels back often didn’t REALLY have… Continue reading

  Welcome to the big leagues Greece   or   I don’t know how you people USED to run things but..   In case you haven’t heard yet I. ..Douglas Paszkiewicz , world class illustrator and writer will be at YOUR humble comic book convention! While i have been to… Continue reading