Get used to Mylie Cyrus and get used to liking her


I swear to you right now, I am not saying this just for the sake of being on the other side of something or swimming against the current.  The following is my honest opinion. No sarcasm, no saying something for the sake of disagreeing with everyone. Just to set the record straight, I never actually do that. I say what I mean, I say what I think, I call things like I see them. Period.  Being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian is for rookies and writers with no real idea on how to be interesting, and no voice of their own…

Having made that clear.  I just watched “wrecking ball” the new Mylie Cyrus video to see what all the sour grapes were about, then I went back and watched her VMA performance to see what everyone was bitching about there…

I didn’t think her VMA thing was worth all the fuss. It wasn’t anymore over the line than any other fiasco that’s happened at a music award show. These shows aren’t for kids and everyone knows it. Hell, wasn’t there a near riot at one started by some rappers? She did some border line x rated dancing…not that unusual.  And I am wondering right now If she was black if anyone would have said a damn thing.  Seems to me we’ve seen female black singers dry hump the air plenty.

BEYOND ALL THAT…I thought it was cool. Honestly. The song was “blurring the lines” and her performance combined a lot of child hood elements side by side with adult sexuality…kind of clever…not real clever, but more inventive than 99% of what goes on at those shows.  The dancing teddy bears and the black ladies with teddy bears strapped to them…I dunno, I just thought it was cool.  Look at that picture up there without a jaded eye…pretty damn creative if you ask me, sort of a scene from “leaving Las Vegas” mixed with a pre school.  That’s a daring juxtaposition.  Plus she seemed like she was  having fun. If Marylon Manson had done that exact same choreography with dancers dressed as nuns everyone would have said what a genius the guy is. what’s the diff?  We’ve created a society where all the lines are blurred, everything is fair games, everyone gets to act however they want and anyone who says otherwise is uptight…and Mylie puts on a performance playing under those rules and everyone jumps on her case?  What did she do that was out of line?  My only criticism was I thought it would have been better with just her, once the other two guys came out the whole thing kinda lost focus.  I personally thought it was clever, and visually ingenious.

I’m not sure what the tongue thing was about but hey…when you have a tongue that long you’re gonna show it off.  Plenty of women out there show off their big racks when ever they get a chance.  Mylie doesn’t have a big rack, she has a long tongue…”you fight a war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had” to quote a man.

As far as “wrecking ball”…I thought that was kinda good too. I was even a little impressed by the passion/angst on her face towards the end. Sure she seemed kind of batsh*t crazy, and needy, and was overdoing shoving the sexuality into it, but hey…have you MET a woman in her early twenties? If art imitates  life I’d say she’s feakin’ picasso. People want their pop stars to be genuine and real.  It’s my opinion that that is what we got from Mylie the past couple of weeks. I think that’s who she is, I think that’s all she’s trying to convey…AND…

mark my words…within three months (maybe sooner) everyone will think Miley Cyrus is cool via the same process by which everyone decided Charlie Sheen was cool after thinking he was an a-hole previously. And I’ll tell you something else,I think she’s cool right now. Charlie allegedly beat the hell out of a hooker in case you forgot, and possibly his ex-wife.  One podcast later everyone loved the guy.   Why? because we all figured out that that is just who the guys is and he’s comfortable in his own skin. Once people figure out someone is immune to their barbs and discernment they just sort of accept him/her…and then like him/her because he/she is at least genuine and that is more than can be said for most everyone else on the planet.

Mylie is one more outrageous event away from getting that same love, and I’m okay with that because she’s at least trying to create something, and hasn’t harmed anyone in the process.


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