now I PERSONALLY would have named the story…

here’s whats all the buzz in comic book land…

‘Batwoman’ Authors Exit, Claim DC Comics

Banned Gay Marriage Storyline

Personally I would have named the story-

two self absorbed jerk offs with over inflated senses of self-worth leave perfectly good job because their lame story line is turned down by editors whose job it is to protect the brand of a company that was started decades before any of them were even sperm.

Listen up jerk offs. 

1-Your idea is lame, it is current events in lue of innovation. It is every bit as lame and heavy-handed and out of place as the green lantern becoming gay.  What is interesting or clever about it? nothing.  It is a sad attempt to appeal to prurient interests instead of writing an actual story.  Having no  ideas for a comic book story about crime fighting you have drudged up some current event, possibly hoping to spark some lame controversy, or look really hip and cool, and push back the task of actual writing another couple of months.  Although I do see you dilemma…must be hard to come up with new stuff for a character that’s OVER FIFTY YEARS OLD. Which brings me to point no.2

2-You are jerk offs no.s 301 and 302 to write this character.  You are cogs in a machine that exists to keep the titles alive for the sake of licensing.  Welcome to reality.  That is your job.  Fill pages, shut your mouth, collect your check. Don’t like it?  There are about 50 people in every artist alley at every comic book convention on earth who would jump at the chance to do that job, and probably do it better. What’s that ?”no they couldn’t”…?  Well that brings me to point no.3

3- If you are soooo important and your ideas are sooo great, start your own company and create YOUR OWN CHARACTERS.  See if anyone gives a f@ck.  They won’t, which is why you won’t. Which is good because this industry doesn’t need Image 2.0 with the main title ” Bat lady and the Jester whore.”

You are both buffoons, go get a picket sign and stand in line with the striking McDonalds workers and have long conversations about how your mothers told you that you were special every single day and the rest of the world should treat as such.

Now…if you will excuse me,I have a book to publish…containing whatever story line I damn well feel like because i started it myself with blood sweat and tears and MY OWN IDEAS (and my own money).  Which exists and has for over ten years, not because it is funded, backed and supported by a multi billion dollar company with built in safety net, but because I EARNED IT’S EXISTENCE from the fans by way of actual innovation and actual good writing.

On a side note- dear Huffington post..did you know we are about to go to war with Syria?  That an Immigration Bill is about to pass, that the NSA is in big trouble with several countries and the U.N.?  That Obamcare may be defunded?  Why exactly are wasting time with a story about who is going to write “batgirl”? Talk about not knowing what your job is…maybe these two dopes can come work for you.

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