Independence Day…and mystery codes

The 4th of July is an anniversary of sorts for me.  What seems like several lifetimes ago a 12 year old version of myself entered a July 4th Talent contest, and stood up in front of several hundred people to perform a stand up comedy routine.  Why did I attempt this? I have no idea.  I wrote the routine myself, and recall looking at the cover of a Bill Cosby record (on of my inspirations…AT THE TIME…NOT KNOWING ANYTHING WE KNOW NOW.) and thinking that in a few hours I’ll find out if I can actually write comedy, or if I’m just a stupid kid leaving in a fantasy world. 

The correct answer was both.  The crowd at a talent contest is actually a good test for doing stand up elsewhere.  They are uninterested, and skeptical, partially drunk, and somewhat beligerant. They are there to see their kid, or relative, or buddy and don’t give a rats ass about anyone else who goes up onstage.  Most of the performers where  singers or baton twirlers or I don’t even remember what..I was busy up in my own head making sure I remembered my routine.  The bottom line is there was a collective “huh?” when the MC announce me as a stand up comedian.  Turns out I could write comedy.  It did very well and got a huge round of applause.  Took second place, won…I don’t even remember what…a gift certificate maybe.

The rest is history.  Award nominations for Arsenic Lullaby, work appearing in Mad Magazine and on Comedy Central….you know all the rest.

So, every year I mark the day with a sale and stuff like that.

I’ve been in a funk lately, Kinda wish I never started any of this.  I get in those funks from time to time, It passes.  Maybe the annual marking of this day will jump start me out of it.

Anyways…THIS year, all weekend I’ll have news and previews and a coupon code contest.

Here’s how it works.

At the online store right now…are two coupon codes. one for 40% off and one for 50%off.  Those are big ass discounts.  Here’s the thing, you have to guess what they are.  I will reveal ONE of them on the 4th.  So you can wait until then…or see if you can guess.

Go to the online store, pick what you want, when you get to the checkout, enter your guess.  No you don’t get charged until after the part where you enter the code, so if you guess wrong , you can try again or wait until one of the codes is revealed here.

I’ll give you some hints.

40% off code – 8 letters and describes the imperialist oppressors from the revolutionary war

50% off code- 5 letters and is unique to George Washington.

If you signed up for our email list, you’ll be getting more hints sometime today.

more updates all weekend.




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