What the hell is “Kickstarter” anyway?

The orders placed through stores for Arsenic Lullaby “The Big Stall” have been cancelled….if you ordered through a comic book store, that order is NOT coming. Arsenic Lullaby “the Big Stall” has been launched on Kickstarter.

Fine, just as long as I get the next issue of A.L. Now, what is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is like a cross between an online store and a pledge drive, where if you don’t reach the goal no one gets the stuff…but since we have easily reached our goal ( as if there was ever any doubt) for you it’s an online store. At this point you can just go there and “pledge” the level of whatever stuff you want, and you’ll get the stuff. “Stuff” in this case being the next FULL color issue of NEW Arsenic Lullaby. There are also shirts, artwork ect ect. The advantage of Kickstarter is we deal with each other directly…so all the books get autographs and sketches, there are exclusive items you can only get on Kickstarter, AND for each pinnacle of pledges we reach you get FRE EXTRA stuff. So far everyone is getting a free vinyl sticker and a set of Arsenic Lullaby buttons. The next pinnacle we reach you get a free A.L. shot glass.

Nice eh?But, you only have until Nov.22…time is ticking away…tic toc.

If you haven’t been on kickstarter yet. You should go there and look around. it IS becoming the way of the future, not just for indy books, major publishers will soon (some are already) be launching projects and exclusives there. Our project is already funded and continuing to grow. Ever want to get in on the start of something big? Arsenic Lullaby wants your help. It was a whole sordid story leading up to this Kickstarter thing so if you are the type who likes reading about how much stress and misery go along with independent publishing, here is the whole fiasco in order.

Blog 1 – Arsenic Lullaby in ruins

Blog 2 – how to right the ship

Blog 3- do’s and don’t’s

blog 4 HOW TO HELP

blog 5 Kickstarter FAQ


Blog 7- Hmm, this seems to be fueled by something more than my own rage and dread.

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