the rest of you, try to understand …nobody got shot over a cartoon.

I would FIRST off like you to all stop making fools out of yourselves. Let me hit two quick points then onto the larger issue. 1- this is not a 1st amendment issue.  This is in FRANCE they have no 1st amendment.  2-This is not a free speech issue.  The government didn’t make any law telling this newspaper not to print the cartoons.  Free speech is a right the people have in relation to government interference.  This was a MURDER, the cartoons are the alleged motive. 


Let me explain something to all of you about these murders in France “set off by cartoons”.   NO one got shot over a cartoon. Ignore for just a moment which side are the insane killers, because we all seem to be able to get our heads around that.  So put that aside for now.   You NEED to put that aside in order to focus on the next few paragraphs.

Have you ever been around for a bar fight?  One guy is at the bar, another guy walks in, right off the bat they look at each other crosswise.  They give each other the stink eye intermittently for a awhile. The second guy comes up and bumps the first guys drink. 

The first guy says “you spilled my drink, what are you gonna do about it?”

the second guys says “go F*ck yourself”

the first guy responds “go F*ck YOURSELF”

second guy ” f*ck you!”

First guy ” f*ck YOU”

Second Guy ” F*CK YOU”

First guy ” F*CK YOU!”

Second Guy – hits him with a beer bottle.

Now….what started that fight?  Was it when the guy got hit with a beer bottle? was it the last “F*ck you”?  Was it the first “f*ck you”?  Was it when the drink got spilled?  It started when those two guys saw each other and made eye contact just a little too long.  Two people with incompatible dispositions enter the same room and neither decided to leave.  That was when the fight started.  If there had been one less or one more “f*ck you”, or the drink wasn’t spilled but instead the other guy got shoved…the result would have been the same.  The first guy did not get hit in the head with a beer bottle for saying “f*ck you”  not really , that was just the last incident before the fight , that WAS going to happen, started.

Are you following me?  Good. Here is how that relates to the murders in France.  France, like several European counties are in the midst of a flood of Muslim immigrants.   European countries  are pretty keen on keeping their traditions and cultural uniqueness in relation to other countries.  The Muslims are pretty keen on bringing their culture with them.  The two cultures are worlds apart.  In some sections the Muslims are beginning to be the majority population.  This means they are passing their laws and changing the laws to fit their beliefs.   Sharia Law, perhaps you’ve heard of it.  They are not just living under Sharia Law, as is often the case they are demanding everyone else live under it. Tensions are high, there are enough Muslims who are the bat shit crazy kind to make things very dangerous.  Native Europeans in these countries are quickly reaching the point of having had enough of it, being dismayed at the changes going on around them, becoming xenophobic (for those of you who are cynical on a certain bend) or Nationalistic ( for those of you cynical to a different bend), and getting ready to really start doing something about it.

The Muslim side has more than it’s share of bullies and loud mouths and people willing to spurn their side on.   What that newspaper was, was nothing more and nothing less than the other side replying “F*CK YOU” to the previous “f*ck you”s thrown at them. 

It was not this cartoon, or last months cartoon.  It is the inevitable chain reaction that is coming/ has begun.  If there was no newspaper willing to print these cartoons, the extremists would have picked some excuse and some other target, and/or some like-minded French would have told them “F*ck You” some other way.    If that person hadn’t, then someone else would have.  We have two very different cultures , both proud and both rooted in history, and both VERY VERY different.  They are , face to face… Too close…  They both want rule over the same piece of land.  this week it was a cartoon, next week it may be a song on the radio, or a fashion store, or a school willing to teach women to drive that goes out of its way to advertise in the Muslim communities, or a sermon in a Catholic Church.    The cartoon is not and was not the real issue.  The “F*ck You”s and the beer bottles are being thrown.  Things are going to get ugly in Europe.  There are probably plenty of French and Muslims that under normal circumstances could figure things out amicably and live in the same country.  Those people aren’t going to be in the drives seat for awhile.

As I said, we can all get our heads around who the bad guys are here, but I want us all to understand that no one got shot because of a cartoon any more than the guy I described in the bar got hit for saying the last “f*ck you”.   You can say one side is good, one side is evil.  One side is justified, one side is not, One side went too far, one side was innocent.   Do understand though, there are two sides, they are divided, and they ARE going to go at each other.  France is proving out to be not big enough for the Natives, and the immigrants who are demanding not only a place at the bar, but dominion over what the bar will serve.

This is not about a cartoon, or free speech, this is about territory, culture, dominance, rule, and survival.


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