Gem City Comic Con and Mercy Sparx Cover

Two things I should mention….

1- I will be at Gem City Comic-con April 27th and 28th!  Your first chance to see me in 2018

This is a new show for me and it’s been recommended to me and it looks pretty good. I’ll be there. My buddies Ian Nichols and Stuart Sayger (both illustrators who’s resume’s are too long to list here) will be there.  The former still owing me a drink.  I believe there is a “drink and draw” type gathering one of the nights, which I don’t usually attend because the thought of spending 5.00 on a single drink when that same amount can get me an entire bottle of my usual brand of vodka makes me recoil, but since I have one coming from Ian, I might as well go…it should be a fun weekend, come say hello.

2- The alternative cover I did for Mercy Sparx from Devil’s Due Ent. can be ordered now.  

More accurately it is called an “incentive cover”.  If your store orders 2 copies of Mercy Sparx no.13, they get an issue with my cover for free.  I don’t think I’ve personally ever done an incentive cover through Diamond Distribution so…as far as I understand it, a store gets one with my cover for every two copies they order.  Seems simple enough and compared to the b.s. and extra dough stores are expected to shell out when Marvel or DC runs some variant cover scam, this is more than fair.  It’s an actual incentive, meant to get more copies into the hands of more readers. Devil’s Due gets more readers, stores make more sales, readers get interested in a cool new comic…(and the incentive is a pretty damn good. Done by an Eisner, Harvey and Comic-dom award nominee…that’d be me, in case I don’t mention that enough) it’s a win for everyone. 

 How about that for outside the box thinking?  A promotion that is actually aimed at getting people interested in new comics, and not just picking store’s pockets?!  Holy sh*t, right?

 As far as I know, that’s how you have to get it, I didn’t think to make any side deal on getting a box of copies so…don’t expect to order any from me.

Here’s any technical info a store might need.

Published by Devil’s Due Ent

Mercy Sparx #13

Standard cover (A) by Matt Merhoff (APR191638)

 Incentive Cover (B) by Doug Pasz (APR191639)

Mercy Sparx is a book that’s cross pollinated with Arsenic Lullaby before, the zombie fetuses having made a cameo appearance.  It’s a book I like, it’s fun, well done and imaginative.  Well worth picking up, and worth stores tuning people onto. Especially people who may be getting worn out on the usual capes and tights stuff.

Those of you interested in the original art for this….is already sold. Sorry. But hey…I posted about this cover a couple of times, you didn’t think you’d be able to wait until it was printed and in stores to ask about it did you? Rookies.

Speaking of that, with the convention season starting, you might wanna roll through that online store and grab any one of a kind stuff you want before con goers grab it up.  OH, and we THEORETICALLY have figured out how to modify the shipping charges so you’re not getting dinged full shipping for each item if you get several.  Furthermore, I think shipping is free after 50.00…something like that? Uhm…look…it’s late and webmaster Joe’s probably asleep…but I’m pretty sure the cut off is 50.00.

That’s all for now.


When Douglas is not complaining, he and his work can be found here

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