Mercy Sparx final inks and drawing circles in perspective tips

I’ve been a busy fellow lately, and had to stop badgering the publishers of Casper to draw up a cover of a book that’s, shall we say “more in my wheelhouse”…Mercy Sparx!


Mercy Sparx is published by Devil’s Due , they asked for me to draw up an alternative cover for the to make or issue no 13!

All their info is here!

It’ll be early next month before you can harass you comic book store to order it, so you can sign up for Devil’s Due’s email updates on their webpage (above). or mine (below)

or stay tuned here and I’ll be sure to let you know.

ANYWAYS…I planned on getting someone over with an HD camera to record some inking, but that didn’t pan out. I have some crappy video from my own camera, I’ll show you that later. I THOUGHT I had taken more progress shots but they seem to not be on my camera. Maybe I dreamed doing it? I’ll show you what I do have, and the finished inks, and this will be a steemit exclusive! as no one else has seen this yet but me, Devil’s Due, the distributor…and I think that’s everybody.

First a shot of the pencils ( mostly)


Then onto inking short lines that don’t really need much precision and wont matter is a line goes off track a little ( If I f*ck up a part of some fire, who’s gonna know?)

And pay attention to how clean that paper is at the start, you’ll be able to tell my frustration level with the inking process by contrasting it to the final shot.


and…that seems to be all the actual progress shot I have…

BUT, I’ll show you how to draw circles in perspective. We’ll use her pick up trucks KC lights as an example.


First, you make a box ( top and bottom lines are from your vanishing point, lines on the side are just perpendicular to the ground


Then you draw lines from corner to corner to find the middle/center of it


You make a line through the center from the top and from the side


and that gives you the anchor points. You just draw a curve from one point to another four times and there you have a circle in 2 point perspective.




Panning out now so you can see the smudges and marks where I wiped off the brush…that’s how tings went. It was really dry here and anytime your under 30% humidity, inking is a real nightmare. The brush does”t want to flex, the paper doesn’t want to take ink, the ink either attaches itself to your brush in one giant glob or dries up instantly…it sucks. But…I’d say, frustration aside this turned out pretty nice. I am pleased.


I’ll show you the final colors and a vid or two of the inking once it’s in the Distributors Catalogue…next time though, more Casper


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