H.P. Lovecraft trading card set illustrations!

A while back I teased that I was contributing some illustrations for a H.P.Lovecraft Trading card set by Monsterwax. Monsterwax is a solid company that I’ve worked with before and their head man in charge, Kurt, is a stickler for quality…and made getting the right printer for the job a priority over speeding this out. Which is something I agree with and find commendable. Quality > everything else

WELL…it is finally out! So now I can show you the three that I did in all their finished glory!


I gotta say…I’m not a huge fan of everything I do, but that one is pretty sweet.

Also, hidden in the arcane text on the monuments in the background is the word “coca-cola” In Arabic! Hahaha. (actually, now that I recall…it might saw Mountain Dew. I can’t remember which one I went with and I can’t read Arabic).

Also, those little “t”‘s that I circled were to help me line something up…I hope I remembered to erase those before sending in the final Tiff file for printing. Of course if I didn’t…these are trading cards so those’ll be way to small to notice anyways. as will, probably that “coca-cola” unless you have a magnifying glass.


This next one I have censored for those of you who have no interest in seeing a fish woman’s vagina.


On an unrelated note, here’s a close up of some mountain’s


Finally, and probably my favorite…I’ve show you guys this one before on a blog about overthinking the composition of a illustration.


These three cards are all on fancy foil stock! You know the kind that looks sort of metallic, like it was printed on tin foil or something. I don’t have mine yet, or I’d show ya.

The website below has the complete sets and the overseas shipping seems…awful cheap. Like, maybe Kurt entered it wrong? If you’re from outside the U.S.A. and are interested, you might wanna order before he figures that out. LINK BELOW!


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