Who says you have to have any “last words” anyway…

Your last words…

I saw a movie recently where several characters think they’re going to die, and give the ole “I love you” last words.

I’ve been thinking about this, and that’s a real a-hole move.  It’s just going to make people sadder.  Han Solo did it right.

Simple, dignified, and it reminds the people who love you how much of a pain in the ass you could be.  It’s unorthodox but classy, and way more considerate than something like this…

What a f*cking asshole!  That’s how he wants Maggie to remember him?  You think she’s gonna have one single memory in her head when she thinks about him other than this?

She’ not!

And it’s not like the jerk didn’t know he had one eye hanging out when he looked over for his last goodby.  Negan told him that he did.

Not that he should need to be told. I would think the split screen image in his head from one eye looking forward and one eye looking south would clue him in.

What a jackass.

He should have just fallen face down and died. You don’t have to say anything. People either know how you feel or they don’t, from a lifetime of knowing you.    Just close your eyes and try not to gurgle.  Maybe try to put a peaceful look on your face.  Unless you are a recon scout and there are two divisions of enemy troops hiding behind the corner, there’s nothing you need to say. And if it were ME in this “recon scout” scenario…I still wouldn’t say anything, why should I be the only one who gets shot up?

This whole idea of saying some kind heartfelt words on your way out is just flat out selfish.  Lord forbid the people who love you are watching you die, that’s bad enough. You wanna put some anguish cherry on top of it by saying “I love you” or “I’m sorry” or “I’m proud of you”?  That’s for you, not them.  It’s game over, you lived how you lived, you did what you did, people will remember what they remember…the end.

You’re not Julius Caesar, no one’s going to chisel your last words on anything in Latin, they are just going to have it haunt them.  That guy was a jackass too as far as this goes.  His last words being ” you too Brutus?”.   He used his last words to make the guy who murdered him famous for all of time.  What a dope. I would have said the name of the janitor or something, just so Brutus didn’t get written into the history books.  Maybe do that thing where you say the name wrong to irritate the person.

“You too Britos”

“It’s Brutus”

“Right, Bru….(dies)”

See though, pretty much anything you say is going to make things worse.  Just go quietly.

I can only think of one thing you’d need to say.


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