No more TICK for me.

“exit our hero stage left.”

Yes, my run on The Tick has come to a close with a grand total of one issue… “exit our hero stage right”.

I’ll get into the whole fiasco later maybe, I gotta figure out how to make it entertaining…and short. Just laying everything out that went on could take three blogs.  Lemme try yo sum it up in one sentence.

A whole bunch of twilight zone sh*t went on, I turned in the last page, I never called them again, they never called me again.

So, just be aware that issue one is the only issue I am illustrating. If you put the Tick on your pull list/have your comic book store reserving it for you just because ‘lil old me was illustrating it, then you can tell them to stop after issue 1.  If you had it on there for more than just me, then have at it. 

That first issue, get it, cherish it. That’s all for me, I’ll not be doing it anymore.  I say this because in most cases if you tell your store to reserve comic for you, you have to buy it even if you don’t want it anymore when it comes in.  I’m not trying to throw a monkey wrench into it, the series will live or die on its own merit. don’t make no never mind to me, but I don’t want people spending their hard-earned money on a book because they think I’ll be on it…and find out the hard way I’m not on it.

Actually what I thought might be funny is to post that I’m not doing the book anymore as many times and in as many places as I told you I was doing issue one.  But webmaster Joe thought people might not get it.  That’d it seem petty, instead of like they were watching a guy carry a boulder back down a mountain after pushing it up the mountain.  He’s probably right, dry wit doesn’t always read correctly online.

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