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…I wrote this whole blog once already and the computer crashed.  And this is the third time I have tried to get the photos to upload. So you’re getting the bullet points because I’m busy AF.

-Herndon and I met many many years ago.

-Became fast friends.

-At the time we were both young punks who had cult status indy books

-One time we trecked five miles  into the woods at midnight because there were big foot sightings there.

-I threw up in front of a five year old dressed as super man.

-A pro wrestler made a grown woman cry, crushed her dreams and made a blow job gesture.

-Now we are both at the exact same month working on comic books for pop culture icons.

-the end.

Sorry…i just don’t have it in me to type it all out again in witty prose.  nor do I have the time to explain the comic book distribution process.  Here’s the thing. We both worked very hard to get here, and we are both very good at this, so please ask your comic book store to order our books…you won’t be sorry.

Here a link to info on Herndon’s issue of STAR TREK

Here’s a link to info on my work on THE TICK

here’s samples.


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