Gettin’ paid and Gettin’ laid.

In just a few short weeks you’ll be able to come and see me at the MSP Comicon. and that is the ONLY time you can see me this spring.  I won’t be at any other conventions or and any FCDB events.  I’m f*kcing busy junior.  I ain’t got time for none of that nonsense.  I’ve go too much work.  I’m in demand…gettin’ paid and getting laid! WhhhOOOooOOOo!



I’m going to die alone in this apartment drawing f*cking comic books.  And I don’t even have a cat to eat my dead body, I just have some fish.  I really didn’t plan this year out very well.  Once I make it to summer, I’ll be okay.  I the meantime, in the course of my day, I see my drawing table and the guys at the print shop…and I sometimes wonder if I am imagining them…like “A beautiful mind” or something and I’m really just walking downstairs to an empty basement and talking to a hot water heater. I can hear the sound of my people skills eroding while sit and draw.  It sounds like gravel periodically trickling down a…pile of gravel.  I see people at the gym, but we’re all wearing headphones.

…This isn’t much incentive to come at see me at MSP Comicon. ..lemme get back on track.

You have only ONE chance this spring to see my charming and delightful self and that is at MSP Comicon.   St.Paul , MN Sept. 20-21st.

Although…I can barely remember what I’m like when I’m dealing with people.  I assuming I’m charming and delightful.

“You’re more coarse and acerbic”

Oh…that isn’t a very compelling picture you’re painting.

It’s charming in it’s own way.”

…perhaps I’d better pile on some more incentives?

“That’s probably a good idea”

I will have Arsenic Lullaby books, and original artwork for you to see! and that artwork…It’s f*cking impressive up close.

“True that.”

AND it’ll be the first chance for you to see artwork from the new The Tick comic book series!  If THAT wasn’t enough, I will once again have my own discussion panel.  Since I’ve done “how to” panels at this show before and I have a lot going on…this will be an ASK ME ANYTHING panel.  Now, with your average comic book illustrator, you might not get much.  But this is ME we are talking about.  If you follow this blog or follow me on social media, you know I have a big mouth and don’t care who I piss off.  So this is your chance to ask some possibly career ruining questions! Seriously…do it.  I’m rotting away at a drawing table, nothing would please me more than starting over as a short order cook. Ask the question…I will answer it.  (pertaining to what I do for a living.)

Aside from going to help ruin my career, I do have a wealth of knowledge of the comic industry and stuff like that, so there is also the chance to learn something.

Also exhibiting at this show are many many MANY other quality comic book pros, including my friends Joseph Linsner, Kristina Deak Linsner, and JK Wooward!  at least two of the four of us may be hung over on Sunday..fair warning.

This show is closing in fast and I could use a volunteer or two to help at my booth.  If you do, I’ll get you  in for free and load you up with Arsenic Lullaby stuff.  You need to be knowledgeable of Arsenic Lullaby, and be pleasant and outgoing to fans ( do as I say, not as I do…I can get away with being a jerk, it’s what people want from me)

message me at douglaspasz—at-

If you can’t make it to St.Paul, we do have a spring sale going on at the ONLINE STORE  Coupon code – spring17 – is good for 20% off.  Things you get from the store will be autographed my your truly, so aside from being treated rudely, it’s just like getting them from me at a convention.


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