Well, would ya look at that.

Bribing you with sneak previews has been working pretty well…so, again…here is what I need you to know this week (then a color cover)


Arsenic Lullaby contaminates Comedy Central’s Trip Tank

Comedy Central has recently launched a new animated series called TRIP TANK.  The duo behind Robot Chicken developed the show which  features a collection of recurring animated shorts built into a half-hour block much like the 1990’s hit Liquid Television. The plots, which come from such names as Will Ferrell‘s partner Adam McKay, Tom Gammill (The Simpsons, Monk) and Jon Glaser (Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Human Giant), range from a magical alcoholic wheelchair helping sick children to a group of aliens studying the world’s most average guy.   AND… episode 7 (may 14th  ) features a short segment adapted from dark humor comic book Arsenic Lullaby.

The link to the Arsenic Lullaby Short is HERE


here’s what I need from you.   First, I need you to watch it, THEN, watch it online and share it and like it AND most importantly leave some positive comments on the trip tanks social media pages.  I wouldn’t waste my time asking for this if I didn’t think it was important.  This is a new age.  Ratings are one thing and they matter, but feedback on social media gets noticed and matters.  I ,and hopefully you, want to see more of my work on this show so it needs to A-get another season and B-be informed how much you liked seeing your favorite dark humor comic adapted for the small screen.

That little line that says “times viewed” …that MATTERS!

also..when you share on FB make sure to use #Triptank  that matter also…as always Arsenic Lullaby dies or grows by your efforts.


Phoenix Comicon is right around the corner, ( June 5th-8th) I always recommend this show and even more so this year because…I will be there! (more info next week)

The voting for Harvey Award nominations is coming to a close…I am eligible for

Best Cartoonist (List Single Writer/Artist & Title of Comic)


Special Award for Humor in Comics (List Writer or Artist & Title of Comic)

Douglas Paszkiewicz Arsenic Lullaby “The Big Stall”

You have to be a comic book professional to vote ( yeah, right…like they check everyone)

voting is here  http://www.harveyawards.org/2014-nomination-ballot/

Voting ENDS MAY 18TH

Okay, here’s a colored cover…I hear a rumor there will be prints of it at the next two conventions.

and here’s the new T-shirt. also available at the next couple of conventions and on the website next week




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