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If you have not “friended” me on facebook I am “Douglas Paszkiewicz Illustrator”. the reason I bring this up is because alot of my day to day struggling gets posted there simply because it is easier than posting here, and frankly there is little point in devoting a whole blog page to one picture and the note “fuck this fucking stoopid ink”

But as long as I am here today here are some of the progressions to the Cthulu cover that where posted there.

Here is a refined thumbnail.  all the vanising points are figured out as well as most of the details at this stage, it is easier for me to get my head around a composition when it is only 4×6.

and composition is very important ‘specially when you have a cover with this much crap going on.  It is really easy for the whole thing to turn into a visual clusterfuck.  One tool for doing this is to have an underlying shape beneath the whole thing, a roadmap if you will to lay the vairious elements out on.

This piece here have a pentagram..fitting yes?


the wave of motion creates a large circle.  If you connect the two major vanision points, the topmost lines conected to those points and the “v” created with implied lines  you get the upsidedown star.   Do you notice the pentagrame when you see the finished peice?  no, of course not.

 But having a shape, or roadmap ties everything together and gives the eye a path to wander through rather than a mess to sort out.  Allot of what makes good illustration is communicating with the subconsciense.  One page of detail will be uninteresting and tough to focus on and another will be compelling to look at…composition is the difference. 

I was going to try to accomplish this shape with only vanising points but there are over TWELVE vanishing points in this cover.   The avergae dipshit illustrator might use THREE vanishing points and think he’s getting the most out of his fine art degree.    pfft.

when things are tipped or you are looking down or up at them they need three vanishing points – one for each side and one for the top or bottom depending on the camera angle.  With everything flying around creating a sense of depth requires vanishing points for all the larger Items.  The chair, the desk, the file cabnits, each need three vanishing points, and of course the two walls each get one of thier own….you know what…i’ll explain the whole thing later, the point is this…I am awesome and other people are lazy and that is why I am still around and 99% of the people who started at the same time are once again spectators.  

 you’ll notice that I took out the fan…why?  I just felt like it.  It wasn’t really needed, I didn’t want people to think it was causing everything to spin and It was going to get eaten up by the Logo anyway.

speaking of “feeling” I feel sick to my stomach at the site of this cover because I spent about 30 plus hours staring at it.  It’s going up for sale, probably on ebay at the end of the month.

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