Creator of TWD slams Valiant comics?…uhm…not really

(the blog is fixed!…took longer than we thought, but lets take her for a drive eh?) Robert Kirkman vs…Valiant? A “news story” popped up on my feed that I think has a couple of teachable moments to it. The story appears via a comic book “news” website, that is clickbait,… Continue reading

A teachable moment for the Comic-Con Industry

I was on the interwebs this weekend trying to figure out the name of a stand-up comedy showcase type show that was on in the 90’s.  I used to watch it as a young buck and was trying to think of the name of it when talking to my friend… Continue reading

Ruthless confidence and a giant ego can sometimes need refueling

The beginning of 2017 has been..frustrating and draining, due to a lot of things I’m not at liberty to discuss right now.  Several projects are just up in the air, and some good work is not going to see the light of day.  It’s like that sometimes in the creative… Continue reading


Valentine’s Day is here and spring is around the corner, so romance is in the air.  Given the …visual quality of women I’ve dated, many think it is wise to come to me for answers on romance.  I have no answers for you on that, I can only tell you… Continue reading

You haven’t been around much

Busy Busy I have been on ole FB almost not at all this year.  I had a lot to get done, and even more to get done coming up. Time is money…sometimes other people waste your time, and sometimes you waste it yourself.  I’m doing my best to have either… Continue reading

Fine…here’s some earlier work

There…we reprinted older stuff. As the guy who makes the Arsenic Lullaby stories I am always focused on what is next, because what is next is awesome and what I’m working on now is a pain in the ass, and what I did previously…I have little memory of. The filthy… Continue reading


Arsenic Lullaby X-MAS CARD / Coloring contest And the winner is… First a round of applause and thanks to everyone who entered. Nice work all of you.  The rest of you can go right to the devil. Voting was tight…really tight, like everyone was within three points of each other… Continue reading

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