I just spilled a dozen eggs…and here’s some art

 **arseniclullaby X-mas Bomb Shelter is Open*** ***STARTING FRIDAY…THE 2ND ANNUAL COLORING CONTEST, GET YOUR CRAYONS READY!*** Yeah, I bet you wanna know what you’ll be coloring? I’ll show you…in a minute…because I just knocked a dozen eggs on the floor.  Just now, like just before spell checking this blog (the… Continue reading

get some of my work before I am senile

Coupon code – birthday- is good for 25% off until Nov 25.  Code -bah- for 5.00 off ,  and code – humbug- for 20% off are good until Jan 1 2016  www.arseniclullabies.com/store Getting old sucks. Getting old sucks a big hard one.  It sucks a big fat, veiny… Once you… Continue reading

My Birthday, Comedy Central, and Valiant Ent.

***some of you had trouble viewing this earlier, we fixed the code, should be fine now.  Thanks for coming back.  If you don’t feel like reading through the whole thing, here is the info on the sale –online store. Coupon code -fallcon- is good for 25% off *** FIRST… a… Continue reading


90% of what I do, you never see. Countless pages of trial and error, countless sketches leading up to those pages, countless ideas leading up to those sketches. How much of that 90% was necessary as a “means to an end”…Lord only knows.  The art Director at Mad Magazine told… Continue reading

a commission for…myself

  When you are inking, you want to be loose…as in not tense.  I have a bunch of pages that I have been saving to do last, for the next book.  Illustrating can be just like any other physical skill, like say…being a pitcher in the major leagues, you are… Continue reading

I have two different color socks on today…that’s how it’s going

There is a scene in the original Star Trek t.v. show where Dr. bone takes a smart pill or absorbs smart rays or something and starts doing a brain transplant with supreme confidence…then the ray or pill wears off and he becomes terrified and questions why he ever thought he… Continue reading

The dust has settled/Comic-con International verdict

(pics at bottom) “amid all chaos there is calculation” Lorde “we don’t need luck, we have talent” Steve Dahl Comic-Con International.  150,000 plus people. A convention center 7 city blocks long, three city blocks deep, full of every publisher, video game company, t.v. network, movie studio, and toy company even… Continue reading

HOLY SH*T KIDS! COMICS! or The road to Comic-con International part3

HOLY SH*T KID! COMICS! or The road to Comic-con International Part 3 We’ve already gone over how less and less of Comic-Con International has anything to do with actual comic books, and how, at our booth anyway, we would be drawing a line in the sand and focusing on our… Continue reading

Stump Douglas on Deadwood for 50% OFF at Comic-con contest

For most people summertime includes outdoors and vacations.  My industry has it’s largest convention right in the middle of it, so for me it means deadlines, and long hours.  I have done very little besides work, and prepare for the con usually with HBO’s Deadwood on in the background.  It’s… Continue reading


Last update June 27 Stay tuned for more possible surprises as we close in on the show! Including details on the “stump Doug on Deadwood quotes for 50% off” contest Link below is for our place on the CCI Exclusives webpage.  We will have the three listed there, and one… Continue reading

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