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The Tick wants your help

  ***UPDATE*** (Tick sneak previews below…right after the info you need to get it/rant about independent publishing) When you have things published in the comic book industry and you are not part of the big 2 ( Marvel and DC) you have to work your ass off, take no chances,… Continue reading


***UPDATE*** Missed making a blog last week, because of a case of bronchitis, I was almost dead, but I’m okay now. I’m not sure if it’s contagious and I caught it at MPS Comic-con, but if I did…whoever gave it to me…I’ll see you in hell. I’ve got a lot… Continue reading

Making of a cover for…The Tick

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be illustrating a new The Tick series! Today, you get to see the cover’s finished inks! and just for grins, some progress shots, and what went into the making of it. Coupon Code- spring17- is good for 20% off your total order!  So go… Continue reading

Fine…here’s some earlier work

There…we reprinted older stuff. As the guy who makes the Arsenic Lullaby stories I am always focused on what is next, because what is next is awesome and what I’m working on now is a pain in the ass, and what I did previously…I have little memory of. The filthy… Continue reading

Mother Hyrda and… am I a hypocrite?

MOTHER HYDRA THE SEA MONKEY? Every once in awhile I draw something and when I’m done think to myself  “what the hell did I just draw?”…even at this stage of my sordid career. Awhile back MonsterWax had me do up some sketch cards as bonuses to be inserted randomly in… Continue reading


You start to reach a certain age and realize that there are some things you will never do.  Things you meant to when you were younger…well, the opportunity may have passed you by.  I am realizing now that I will probably never….unpack these tubes to see what is in them.… Continue reading

Valiant Covers and con updates

I must be doing alright on the alternative covers for Valiant (as if there would be any doubt I would come up with fantastic stuff) I’m set to start one for X-O Manowar for them next.  Funny thing about my career, way more opportunities have come to me, than by… Continue reading

I’m starting to think maybe some people just like to complain…

Once upon a time there was a place called Myspace, and it was fun!   and I had many a heated argument on there, complete with rudeness and name calling and everyone got along, when all was said and done, because we all understood we were just on there clowning… Continue reading

Leaving this mortal coil

You won’t have me to kick around anymore You reach a point were you realize the struggle is useless. That you can’t fight the ocean. You reach a point where continuing on is an exercise in futility. Perhaps those first two sentences lead you to think I was considering suicide.… Continue reading

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