This a-hole wants how much?

Since, it would be legally impertinent, to rant about what I’d like to rant about right now, I’m going to complain about something else I have been putting off complaining about. One of the great screws of being an Illustrator or an artist is how much good supplies cost.  Even… Continue reading

Mother Hyrda and… am I a hypocrite?

MOTHER HYDRA THE SEA MONKEY? Every once in awhile I draw something and when I’m done think to myself  “what the hell did I just draw?”…even at this stage of my sordid career. Awhile back MonsterWax had me do up some sketch cards as bonuses to be inserted randomly in… Continue reading

Your wasted imagination

You can draw anything you can think of, why aren’t you? I have been in the comic book industry a long time ( too long) and I have seen many upsetting and disappointing trends (too many). There is a recent trend though that is making my stomach turn. It is… Continue reading

In defense of Liefeld

With hashtag= traffic fantasy bloggers live in and the Deadpool movie about to come out, it isn’t much of a shock I saw a blog recently bashing Rob Liefeld’s comic book illustration abilities.  As the movie gets closer we’ll probably be seeing them daily, from people trying to get traffic to… Continue reading

Don’t judge a book by it’s illustrators desk

don’t judge a book by it’s illustrators desk or to see yourself as the world sees you A by gone era of comic book publishing known as “the Golden Age” gave us the industry we have now.  Out of that era came the greats like Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Alex… Continue reading


90% of what I do, you never see. Countless pages of trial and error, countless sketches leading up to those pages, countless ideas leading up to those sketches. How much of that 90% was necessary as a “means to an end”…Lord only knows.  The art Director at Mad Magazine told… Continue reading

a commission for…myself

  When you are inking, you want to be loose…as in not tense.  I have a bunch of pages that I have been saving to do last, for the next book.  Illustrating can be just like any other physical skill, like say…being a pitcher in the major leagues, you are… Continue reading

TWD and Dr.Seuss

Chasing Dr.Seuss I am notorious for doing things over and wringing my hands over details.  At the level I take it , it is probably not good. HOWEVER…all you illustrators, or illustrators in the making, who have heard this while worrying about some detail -“no one is going to notice… Continue reading

I have two different color socks on today…that’s how it’s going

There is a scene in the original Star Trek t.v. show where Dr. bone takes a smart pill or absorbs smart rays or something and starts doing a brain transplant with supreme confidence…then the ray or pill wears off and he becomes terrified and questions why he ever thought he… Continue reading

The big 150, sexy costumes, and being sick of somethings’ effects on market value

It’s the 150th anniversary of Alice In Wonderland.  Quite a milestone for a book.  Sort of.  Just being 150 years old is more or less inevitable, barring any unforeseen apocalyptic obliteration of time itself.  Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old, Arsenic Lullaby will one day be 150 years old…hell,… Continue reading

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