In case you weren’t mortified enough…I will be representing the U.S. at the Dutch X-mas Comic-con


Just in case you weren’t mortified about Trump representing the U.S.A overseas, I will be at Dutch X-mas Con this December!  And I’m gonna be grabbing all the…windmills…or cheese, or whatever it’s inappropriate to grab over there. And I’m gonna say “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” while I do it!  I’m gonna let them all know that the rest of you are just…like…me.  I might even build a wall around my booth! Yeehaw! ‘Murica! I am representing YOU!  There will be a big crowd at that show, and that means more Dutch people will meet ME than almost any other American…all…year…long.  So tie your wooden shoes on tight, I’m coming!

What?  They don’t have wooden shoes over there?  That’s not Dutch?….yes it is.

Lemme check…

It is! YOU don’t know what YOU’RE talking about, It’s a good thing I’m the one going to Dutchonia and not you.

What?  What is it then?  Dutchistan?  The United Emirate of Dutch states?

The Netherlands?!  Are you sure? It says “Dutch X-mas con”, Are you sure it’s not the Dutcherlands?  The Netherlands, huh? Then what is country is Japan’s Comic-con in? Japan…you see my confusion then. Well, okay the Netherlands, but that IS where the wooden shoes are, I know that much.  That, and I lost my ass when the East India Company went out of business

In any case, I will be the guest of Dutch Comic-con in the Netherlands.  I’ve never been to one of their shows, so I looked at the website and picks of past shows and it looks CRAZY fun!

All I can tell you is what it looks like, because all the information is garbled. They might want to have their webmaster look for a virus because it’s all just gibberish.  “Bedankt voor jullie komst! ” What is that supposed to mean? …don’t they have spell check?  It’s like “Comic Con” is the only word they spelled correctly on that whole page.  I misspell stuff a lot myself but this is ridiculous.  “Bedankt”?  I don’t even know what word they were trying to spell there. It’s almost like it’s in some sort of code….Anyhow I’m so stoked!  I’ll have an exclusive collection for this show!

More details on all this as I get them!

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