FIRST OFF, the webstore is fixed and you are now able to actually complete an order…two different “modules” updated themselves and didn’t want to connect to each other afterwards.

Took a bit, but Joe figured it out. Sorry for the hassle.

Took us longer to realize there was a problem than it should have, because this isn’t really a time of year where I’m inclined to think rationally.

Creative types, are often operating under the imagined specter of one day the whole world, all at once, might just say “f*ck this guy all he does is draw stuff,(or write stuff, or play stuff…depending on what creative role you have) there’s no value in that“. It’s an unlikely dread but one you have in the back of your head when your job isn’t something that actually keeps people alive, i.e. creating food, shelter, or transportation.

Normally, my giant ego is not susceptible to that and if any amount of time passed without someone placing an order, I would think ” aw crap, somethings wrong with the webstore” and get it fixed.

But the holidays are a bit rough for me so when it happened I though “well, thats that. No one wants A.L. anymore” and started drinking. Eventually I looked over the web stats and noticed a column called “abandoned carts”, that keeps track of orders that were started but didn’t make it all the way through the checkout process. and the column was LONG. and I thought “ah…that’s reassuring. People DO still want A.L. there’s just some problem with the store.” and I sat back in my chair and continud drinking.

Then I immediately sat back up in my chair and said ” F*ck! There’s some problem with the store, people can’t check out!”.  Then called Joe, and continued drinking…no, YOU’RE an alcohalic.

There was something wrong, as many of you know, you couldn’t pay…you just got an error message or a spinning wheel of death.

It is fixed now… I’d advise you to hit that original artwork fast because based on the contents of many of the abandoned carts, it is in fact (despite the assumption of my seasonal effective disorder-ed wounded ego) in demand.

From now on…PLEASE let us know if you run into an issue. do not assume we know about it, do not assume someone else told us, don’t even assume the problem is on your end.  We’d rather double check and be safe.

I know it’s not your job or your problem, but we’d really appreciate it if you let us know if you run across something not working on the website, store, bogs, emails, whatever.


let’s try this again.




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