Modified Arsenic Lullaby story to appear in Comedy Central’s -Trip Tank-

Modified Arsenic Lullaby story  to appear in Comedy Central’s Trip Tank

…and that’s the facts Jack

If this caught you flat-footed then you missed the previous Blog leading up to this announcement, you can find that at this link

The only new information I have for you is that our segment is “locked in” for episode no.7 of Trip Tank.  It’s a roughly three minute long short, from a past issue. Any more info beyond that will require you to watch that episode.  As far as I know right now that will be sometime in April

There is a full sneak preview of the pilot episode at this link

This link has my reaction

Stunningly accurate, I would be both Will Ferrill and David Koechner (the commissioner). Yes there is  cause to celebrate, but let’s not stray off course.  There is still much ahead to do.

I suppose I should do something to celebrate, maybe a viewing party or something? Actually what I should be doing is more work.  So, that’s what I am going to do.  For now… business as usual.  Make with the funny.  If I come up with some sort of celebration idea, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime here’s a 20% off coupon code for anything at our online store

– basiccable-

The store is a bit of a maze right now so be sure to use the table of contents on the left hand side otherwise you’ll probably only see about 8 of the 30 things on there.

I would highly recommend that if you are considering any kind of commission from me that you lock that up asap.  I suspect it’s going to get pretty busy around here soon.

Please don’t send me any congratulations, I appreciate  it but it will probably just swell my normally inflated ego,  better you email and complain that I’m not putting out new stuff fast enough.  that would in all reality be more helpful.

and don’t think I’m going to forget all you readers who were there this whole way, I won’t.  I won’t forget the little people…the tiny, little people…the tiny, little, insignificant people, that I don’t need anymore.  The tiny ,little, insignificant people…not even “people” really, more like gnats … that flew around during my righteous, inevitable ascent into glory that is a three minute segment on basic cable!!!.  I won’t forget you all now that I am a genuine television comedy writer.  I’ll think of you from time to time and say to myself  “pfft,  f*ck those guys”. 

Just kidding, trying to keep everything at it’s normal jackassery around here.  Now’s not the time to shift gear y’know?

on a side note…YEEHAAAAWW!!!!

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