Cover theory or A tale of two Joe’s

I loath drawing covers. When you are making a story and working on story pages, the key is thought and hard work.  There are a tool box full of techniques you can use to punch up the page and it is simply a matter of using your brain and figuring… Continue reading

yeah…I guess they do impair your motor skills.

So…when we last left our hero he had a handful of stitches…a prescription for painkillers and a rare day off. The results are why I try not to have free time. I noticed the painkillers had the usual warning label “don’t take with alcohol ” “will impair motor skills” ect. … Continue reading

The planning of a page

Here is a breakdown of the planning that went into the magician joke from the previous blog .  by the way…Ordered the new book yet?  this is your LAST DAY   Continue reading

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