Thanos did the deed…leave it at that and go about your lives

Thanos did the deed…leave it at that, and go about your lives The main theory, as we close in on Avengers Endgame, is that the “heroes” will use time travel to undo Thanos’s murder of half the universe.  This is predictable, and foolish since we all know screwing around with… Continue reading

#Metoo is for everyone, right? Because I seem to have a problem on my hands

This is a rare blog where it is probably actually going to be helpful. I am not going to lie here, that helpfulness is a by-product. This is grounded in being self-serving. I, specifically, have a problem. And I don’t know what I am supposed to do about it. This… Continue reading

AMC reinstates Hardwick, and the biggest lie of the whole fiasco

As far as a grand finale of my mind being blown…this story did not disappoint. Everybody just put aside what you think of Dykstra or Hardwick for now… Let’s just back up to what we can all agree on, back up to some common ground, because this ending is mind… Continue reading

Dykstra has changed her story…let’s all learn from this

*the amount of traffic here lately has been giving the ole server some issues, if you’re sending friends here just let them know it might take a couple tries…so there ain’t much I can do about it until my webmaster comes back from the Holiday vacation* The story has changed…let’s… Continue reading

In case you’re confused, Jaimie Alexander is what a feminists looks like

This whole Hardwick fiasco needs to come to an end because I can’t handle having my mind blown every two days by stories of people bending over backwards trying to avoid having admitted they where wrong.. I’m sitting at my computer…minding my own business and on my newsfeed is some… Continue reading

Hardwick vs Dykstra- With all that has come to light, I’d now call this pretty cut and dried….

It’s now been a couple of week since Chris Hardwick had his tv shows pulled from AMC, over accusations of sexual abuse, by his ex girlfriend Chloe Dykstra…since then..much has happened. To begin with the headlines all said that his ex wrote an essay naming him as a sexual and… Continue reading

To victims of abuse, you can come forward. Do not concern yourself with Chloe Dykstra

    I’m speaking to victims of sexual abuse now, the rest of you can pay attention if you wish to, but I am speaking to them. You may have noticed the Chloe Dykstra/ Chris Hardwick Accusation fiasco playing out. None of that is anything to you.  You have a… Continue reading

Hardwick is not certainly not displaying any tendencies of an abuser

Earlier this week I gave you my thoughts on the sexual abuse allegations directed at Chris Hardwick by Chloe Dykstra. They are HERE The story has continued. A video from Chloe Dykstra has been dug up ,by someone else, from just after the surgery she describes in her blog/accusation on… Continue reading

Hardwick is accused of sexual assault…okay, let’s be the judge

I understand the world we live, you can’t fight the ocean. So here are the obligatory opening statements. 1-I know a thing or two about sexual abuse.  I spent a night with a woman crying in my arms who was the victim of sexual assault, because Lord help her I… Continue reading

A big 3-0 and looming catastrophe

The horror…the horror The Midwest Comic Book Association is celebrating it’s 30th year of comic-cons!  In honor of that here is a discount code for THIRTY PERCENT OFF at out online store! code-MCBA30 “uhm…how does you having a big sale on your webstore help this convention?” It doesn’t, when did… Continue reading

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