techniques and secrects of Arsenic Lullaby

If you are making a comic book page as a "series of storyboards" you are doing it WRONG, and missing every advantage a comic book has.

Anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand the medium...these blogs might help you understand it.

This is not a "class", I am not a "teacher"...
BUT what you have here at your disposal is break downs of how, why, and with what tools I make my infamous work.

Maybe you learn something you can use...or get some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes.


Page layout basics
Making/planning a page
(from initial idea to final page)

Gags that didn't work as well as I wanted and why not.

page layout

the fight scene
Coming up with the page layout from a page of written script
Page layout

techniques to lead they eye
page layout

for the purpose of a punchline
 Breaking down a page layout

 leading the eye

page layout

leading readers eye with motion
and implied lines

3 point perspective and beyond
          Making/planning a cover

 includes adavnce perspective tecniques
advanced perspective techniques
Page layout basics

breakdowns of mine and others pages
Planning a cover

choosing an image from several
 drawing circles in perspective

Cover from start to finished ink

advanced perspective techniques
Cover from idea to final inks

 Advanced perspective techniques

videos (subscribe to our youtube channel for monthly* tips)

*may not be even close to "monthly"

video-basic how to on inking with a brush

video- breaking down how a comic book page was laid out to get the best flow