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       in lue of a blog here is another sneak peak...regular blogs will return thursday...until then how's about you use the ten minutes you usually spend being entertained by my hardships pitching in promoting the new book or at the very least making sure you have your copy ingrates.

this is the LAST week for pre-ordering your copy of Arsenic Lullaby "omega"

you can see samples here if you are not already convinced you need this book (and a new sample below)

the term "pre order" may imply to you that you'll be able to "regular order" it later or just stroll into you comic book store in a few weeks and pick it up...DON'T COUNT ON IT.

while i am still well loved and in the good graces of the 800 pound gorilla know as DIAMOND COMICS DISTRIBUTION.  their re-order and back order system is in a transition, or has transformed and apparently stores are unclear on how it works.  this means that if you don't tell your local store to order a copy for you could very well be shit out of luck in july when everybody finds out if Voodoo Joe is destroyed, replaced quits or what have you.  you'll be shit out of luck finding out if Baron Von Donut and Ms. Mango live happily ever after or are thwarted by his boss, her boss, of cruel fate.

I don't need to tell you regular readers that this is always a good book...but i feel the need to drive the point home that unlike other issues THIS one actually has stories that conclude.  by that i mean this is the last issue and it has endings.

so get it and please raise hell about this book for one more week.  use the samples provided.  cut and paste them on your myspace and facebook accounts... show some solidarity people. 

I for instance will be changing my profile picture to THIS until the end of june...


or maybe this

 make sure that everybody who has read an issue knows that this one needs to be ordered this week.  and if you don't want to deal with a store go here. (keyword arsenic lullaby) 

or pre order on an ebay store here

(keyword arsenic lullaby)  

feel free to copy and paste the image below or print it out to help promote the book the remainder of this week.

comments? concerns?



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