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...he threw a shoe? at the president? I'm watching cnn, or msnbc or something like that and i see some reporter throw a shoe at George W Bush.  long story short...he's was in Iraq at a press conference some crackpot throws some shoes at him...

then the network goes to the "man on the street"  where they have some reporter go around and stick a microphone in peoples faces and all the soulless cretins who wander through life staring at the ground, not bothering to know/learn anything that's going on in the world beyond what the morning radio team tells them while they get ready for another worthless day in their useless insignificant lives, and ask them for a comment.  one lady said "well, he should be good at dodging he's been dodging questions for four years".

okay...ONE he's been president for EIGHT YEARS...the Iraq war has been going on for over six years...what the fuck are you talking about that happened four years ago?  she doesn't know.  if i had a million dollars i would bet it all that she doesn't who her senator is, and couldn't find Iraq on a map...or Washington D.C. for that matter.  all she knows is there is a microphone in front of her face and the green light is on- START DANCIN'! yes sirree.  everyone who was "interviewed" gave cutesy glib little comments.  ha ha! aren't we all funny!  look at us...we're on T.V> here come the yuck yucks! meanwhile the middle east erupted with anti u.s. sentiment and started burning U.S. Flags and rioting. see, when they have a microphone in front of them they start something of fire and shoot guns in the air...notice a difference?  

let me TRY to explain something to all the drones out there like the drones who gave little zingers in response to some jerk off middle eastern reporter throwing a shoe at the President.  those assholes over there shooting ak 47s in the air and burning American flags don't see ANY DIFFERENCE between YOU and George bush, or Madonna, or me, or Tim Burton, or Rosie O'Donnell, or Clint eastwood, or George them we are all Americans and that is as good a reason to hate us as anything.  so for the sake of simple self preservation GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS and get pissed off at someone taking a shot at the President of YOUR COUNTRY.  It pissed me off...and it would have pissed me off if it where Bill Clinton, Obama, Gore, or Ronald Reagan.  that is OUR president...and he is in that shit hole of a country representing US. a show of good faith left the land of plenty...where he was safe, and had cable t.v. and could get a cheeseburger whenever he wanted, and went to that fucked up crappy little shithole third world sandbox, that has been a crappy little shithole third world sandbox since the dawn of time, representing US.  and what does he get for it?  some jerk off who 6 years ago was fearing for his life, throwing shoes at him.

WE as Americans...can Bitch about the war...because it is our friends and countrymen who went there and served and is our money paying for it, and it is our votes that decide who makes those decisions.   WE can argue amongst ourselves.  YOU  jerk off who throws shoes...have no say in the matter.  your say in the matter ended when you allowed that crazy asshole to run your country.  

  all you  third world sub humans out there parading around, burning our flag, burning pictures of our president, shooting your ak's in the want us to go away?  you want us to stop being so influential?  STOP GETTING OPPRESSED AND TURN YOUR LITTLE THIRD WORLD CRAP HOLES OF HORROR AND GENOCIDE AND STARVATION INTO DECENT PLACES TO LIVE  so that we don't have to see you on CNN every week begging for help, begging for food, getting crushed under the oppressive boot heal of some asshole in a salvation army jacket and barrette.   it's that don't see us marching into Canada, or Switzerland, or Greenland...BECAUSE THOSE PEOPLE HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER...they aren't starving, and they aren't allowing crazy bastards to take over gas them and threaten US and the rest of the world.  

IF you, Mr. shoe thrower, believe he lied, IF you believe he is a imperialist, If you believe he is an invader, you should be thanking Bush be being all these things because if he didn't your ass would still be under Hussiens rule and WHISPERING your opinion, lest a government official hear your decanting viewpoint and kidnap you and your family and rape them while you watch and murder and torture you.  REMEMBER THOSE DAYS ASSHOLE?  you fucking ungrateful ignorant piece of crap.  YOU are the real reason we shouldn't have fought this and all your ilk WEREN'T WORTH THE TROUBLE.  you and everyone you know wasn't worth ONE American fact i'll go one better, saving assholes like you isn't worth the sacrifice of ONE solider missing out on ONE cheeseburger.

and all you out there...understand this... He is YOUR president.  he represents YOU. whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant because this shoe thrower wasn't just trying to insult Bush.  he was insulting all of us through Bush.  that was the point of his act.  some lowlife in a stretched out T-Shirt and suit jacket who smells like a goat...or his wife, who can only call himself a "reporter" thanks to the sacrifice of our countrymen just gave us all the middle eastern version of the finger.  

and here is yet another time Bush and i part ways.  if it had been ME.  if i where president and this cretin did that to me/us.  i would have left the press conference and told the entire Iraq people that i was seriously considering removing ALL u.s. troops by the end of the week...and releasing ALL of the prisoners from guantanimo bay into know, do our best to put things back they way they where...IN FACT we'll evern rebuld the palaces and re -arm the "enforcers" and i would point at that cretin and say "and the whole world can thank THIS GUY...the U.S. will not interfere in the middle east at all in fact we won't be lifting a finger to help any of you".  i guarantee all these ingrates would recover there memories of PRE-U.S. occupation and be burning that guy instead of our flag.

throwing shoes...for fucks sake...yeah, seems like you guys really got it figured out over there and you're ready to take the reigns.  yes sir, after seeing this Cro-Magnon "reporter" at a press conference...where reporters can ask questions...unable to express himself in any way other than to throw shit around, i have all to confidence in the world that there won't be any panic, rioting, genocide, or civil war the second we leave.