If the holidays suck for you, you are not alone.  Here are the podcasts that were recorded during Douglas' yearly struggle with the realization that this year isn't going to be any better.  Strange tales, from a strange man, with a strange life. Raw, pure, unapologetic, and random...
Ever have the Anti terrorist Task force visit your house, had to give CPR to a dog?...Buckle up.

New podcasts will be added weekly, all season.

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Oct 2018 DC comics shows us Batman's penis...gee thanks

In a recent DC comic, Batman is shown in full frontal nudity. Why the scene is out of character for Batman, better stories that could have been told involving batman's penis, and why complaining about it is stupid, are all discussed.


due to a crapton of webproblems we've only been able to do one for you this year, but here you are...Douglas explains what he finds to be the worst thing about Star Wars.


Dec 25 2016- "This woman's off her nut"

Xmas day podcast, Doug mentions Xmas once, the rest of the time he complains about an actress from Westworld.

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Dec 29 2015- "Dollar store steak?"

New years eve podcast, Doug talks about the liquor store, the dollar store, and Chicago's mayor vacationing in Cuba.

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Dec 23 2015- "wrong, wrong, and FAIL!"

Absent due to technical problems and emotional surrender, Douglas RETURNS!... to tell us what is wrong with trying to help, with blind dates, and with ISIS.

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Nov. 16, 2015-"I have to take some sleeping pills and go buy a x-mass tree."

This year Doug's answer to the holidays is just to live in a dream world.

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2014-Romance of the Damned part1

This weeks Podcast- After describing an unorthodox plan for making sure next winter is not so depressing, Doug wanders into the horrific land of online dating.

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2014-Romance of the Damned part2

Doug reaps what he sows on an online dating site.

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Dec 25 2014-That's enough, I'm outta here.

Xmas Podcast! It's brief, but Doug tells his tale of going to midnight mass

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Dec 20 2014-Ride the waterboard!

Doug confuses protesters and carolers, describes what cuba will be like after five years of 'merican tourism and plays the worst xmas music ever conceived of.

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DEC 10 2014-The Hell with it, I'll just live

Doug decides not to kill himself because there is too much work involved, and briefly talks about riots and the CIA

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Nov 15 2014-I wouldn't rent a carpet cleaner from there.

Douglas talks about his neighbors overdose and whether or not using a carpet cleaner would have been a good idea

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Dec 11 2013 This is why I don't do it.

A frank, honest, brutal, and at time whimsical one way suicide discussion

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Nov 29 2013-Those people are ALIVE.

 Doug discusses the merits of black friday violence, and tries to talk Joe into joining in next year.

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Dec 22 2012-Enough with the dead kids

 Dead kids and hookers...merry x-mass

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Dec 22 2011-Doug the healer

 Doug gave CPR to dog , wants a suicide pac and has advice for pedophile victims

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Dec 2011

A lot of yelling involving the holidays, depression and airport scanners ...enjoy

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Nov 18th 2011 How did he know how to pronounce my last name?

Compare your bad week to Doug's (hint,if a white SUV with black tinted windows didn't show up at your lose)

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