Project "R"

Strange bedfellows.  

Arsenic Lullaby and most of my work that exists in the comic book medium is, to say the least, not targeted at comic book readers per say. It is for jerks, fans of horror, fans of dark humor, people interested in the strange, macabre...things off the beaten path.  While there is much crossover of people who love typical comic book stories, there is also much crossover of people who like other things and the only comic book they really read is Arsenic Lullaby.

...make that people who like other things, and people who are other things. 

That's as much of a hint as you are going to get for now on the writer and creative talent behind the graphic novel I've been tasked with illustrating.

I will however bring you along on the progress without revealing too much.  Links below to blogs showing progress, sneak peaks, and how it's done.