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comic sneak preview and con schedule

Aug 5-7


Comic-Con International is right around the corner, however, for the first time since...hell, I don't even remember life before it, Arsenic Lullaby will not be exhibiting. I have a very specific situation making it more prudent for me to be doing something else that weekend, BUT we will be back next year. ...cut me some slack,eh, this is the first one I've had to miss since...hell, ever.


To be clear, there is no issue with me and CCI, it's an awesome show, an important show, I love it, everything is copacetic between us and it pains me to miss this year.

ON that subject...

Everyone who wants the comic book industry to survive (for the oh...five or so years it has left if it doesn't get it's sh*t together and prepare for Marvel, DC or both to stop publishing comics) should bow down and thank Comic Con International for somehow staying alive for two years with no income.

Make no mistake, if they had not come back, the pop culture would have made note of that and the whole world would be talking about how comics have lost their mojo and considering the medium to be going the way of the dinosaur. Instead, they are alive and are once again putting on a fantastic bad asss convention that will be talked about around the world, on the news, on every social media, and on the lips of every pop culture influencer, professional, and carpet bagger.

If you are going, here's a tip from me, who knows a thing or two. I've circled on the map below, the best places to spend your time.  They are the areas that contain the talent, the indy publishers, the up and comers...the new or at least not used up ideas.  AND the section circled in blue often times has original art from the golden age of comics...this is stuff that should be in museums. You'll be able to cast your eyes on the actual hand drawn pages of some of the most important comics ever published by some of the greatest illustrators to ever walk the earth...and in most cases, this show is the ONLY place you'd be able to see it in real life.

I'd advise these areas....


Forget the hype, you purchased a ticket, made the plans, made the effort to go to the crown jewel of all comic cons...your time is best spent going to tables/exhibits with things you could NOT see anywhere else.  Otherwise...you could have just stayed home and bought stuff online, knowwhatimean.

and if you're going say hello, for me, to ...



BOOTH 1901

BOOTH...I don't know, usually along the east wall between A and B entrance

annnddd...I don't know who else is going, and I don't have time to look.

So...my first appearance will be at c2e2, which is the last con I did before...you know...so it's fitting, I suppose to bookend that disaster with the Chicago con.

Probably just as well I not start right up again at CCI, since it's been several years since I've talked to thousands of people in one weekend, and being charming and friendly ain't exactly my default setting. We'll see how c2e2 goes, and if I even remember how to do that. This whole thing seems bizarre now. You know, another lifetime ago when I did stand up, I'd technically betalking to several hundred people...but not individually, and in some of the clubs there' be a f*cking spotlight right in my eyes and I couldn't really even see past the first bunch of tables. It's sort of a weird hybrid actually...never mind, I gotta go.

If anything changes, I'll let you know here.

Next week, sneak previews of someof what I'm working on next.




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