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The wonders of blockchain technology meets your beloved dark humor powerhouse. Trade your Eth for limited edition works of A.L.  Featured on these fine sites...

(if you didn't understand any of that...I'm not the one to explain it you you.)





Deep in the pages of Arsenic Lullaby is a particular Boogie Man, who is mostly a lowlife, lacking in any real ambition or enthusiasm and prone to conspiracy theories. While I haven't yet delved into what he does on his off time, I'd imagine it's spend writing lengthy crack pot letters to news and government agencies.

Technically speaking, I did some different things with this one than previous. Instead of the focus of the eye being the center of the composition, the moment flows through the center. Also, I tend to keep a constant muted tone with the coloring to let the line work take center stage and focusing on the school cartoonish look, but here I added some contrast, giving the base image more of a washed out look, bordering on black and white and gave the demons more vibrance. Gives it a real offbeat tone/mood, I think.

 I try to speak to the viewers imagination with my work, and in this case the viewer is in part viewing elements of someone else's reality looking into another reality, imagining a reality?

Might be overthinking all that, but I'd say the end result turned out pretty well...however I came to it.

Didn't think to take many progress pics, but here are just a few of the inking, up to the finished inks.


The final is big and wide, better if you look on Makersplace where you can zoom in and take in all the details, instead of on my clunky blog format.

It'll be at this link...and there will only be ONE available

***sold out***


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