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(if you didn't understand any of that...I'm not the one to explain it you you.)





"After Midnight" my rendition of Lon Cheney's character in the lost film "London After Midnight". I say "lost" because that's what it is. No known copy exists. There are only small clips, stills and posters as evidence that it ever existed.

Here's the rough sketch...


This'll be a gif with the main character standing in the fog mysterious and eerie. Which I felt would be a perfect spot to try a version of a Basil Wolverton type uneven grey background ...this illustration of his is what I mean...


I don't know how large he drew, but I know how thick my brush strokes are, how long I can sustain a brush stroke and what a scanner is capable of picking up. So, I made the background layer roughly 9x7 inches. Which is a hell of a lot of brush strokes...


As I look at it now....I am asking myself why I didn't just think to do a half of a page of them and copy and paste. shm. Let's just tell ourselves that somehow the subconscious of the viewer would notice.

Anyways...I was bright enough to just recreated several layers of it on the computer, instead of doing it three times. I at least figured that out.

Then I drew the character and different versions of moving elements.




and....the finished work will be at this link...and there will only be 5 of these NFTs available.


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