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(if you didn't understand any of that...I'm not the one to explain it you )




 Editions of this piece will be at this link....ONLY until Dec.25th


This is one I actually finished and minted a while ago and have had it hidden from my Makersplace store, until the Xmas season (and also I forgot it was there) I'm giving some as gifts to fellow nft artists and crypto cohorts, but you're welcome to grab one to add to your collection, if ya like it!

There will be up to 23 editions of it. I say "up to" because it will ONLY be available until Dec.25th 2020 after that, no editions will be available for sale from me, ever again.

Now then, this illustration is pretty straight forward, as far as how I do things but has some cool elemets.  FIRST, let's start with the initial sketch...

I like this a lot.  It's got good energy and the composition really works.  You'll see better in the more refined pencil stage

I pulled back so you can see little marks/dashes on the side. Those are to line up where the vanishing point is when I blow it up. Normally there’s just two sets ( left side and right side), this one has three, since the camera is looking up I need a vanishing point above. A bit overkill maybe for something like this…but to be fair, it’s not that uncommon for me to have four or five set of vanishing points for the sake of effect/eye movement.


This composition is REALLY good. and I'd like to lie and say I planned it all out, but most of it just happened, we'll say my subconscious planned it all out.  Either way, the skeleton of an effective illustration or painting is how the composition ties everything together or leads the eye/draws the eye into it. I'll show you what I mean...

First off, at the core of this one, the figures create a triangle.  Visually triangles imply power. Different shapes and colors convey different messages subconsciously...that's a whole other art theory/lesson/technique that I'm not gonna get into, right now. All that's important is, the figures create a simple visual shape...

That gives is a solid foundation, BUT the other cool thing is all the hoops/loops. Repeated visual cues give a piece harmony and movement...

So, the whole things really works composition wise.  Now to draw and ink it without losing the energy...

finished pencils...

and onto inking. This is 11x17 inches, so as you can imagine, I'm not too excited about trying to ink some of these lines with my trusty sable hair brush...BUT what the hell, "dance with the one that brought you", as the saying goes...

The worst line, is the side of the candy can on the left hand side, that's about 9 inches tall.

 That is a long line to try to get straight with a brush in one stroke.  So, I'll show you a little cheat here. If I don't think I can get it in one pass, I'll pick a half way point somewhere...where there is something else touching that line. In this case where a stripe from the candy cane is touching.  That way if there is a bit of a glitch where I start the second half of the will be less noticeable opposed to if I tried to connect the top and bottom somewhere else where is nothing for the eye to see except my screw up.


actually...I nailed that pretty good, so that's not a great example, but you get the idea.  Pick a spot where if you make an error it won't stand out.


Broken glass is one of those things that you either get right without half trying're doomed to redoing it over and over and over...reflections in water are like that too. They are "don't over think it" type tasks.  I got this one pretty good first try and then stayed the hell away from it. Hahaha, I wasn't about to scratch it, accidentally spill ink on it, accidentally drag the brush across it. Nope, I finished that and didn't go anywhere near that part of the paper again until it was done and ready to scan in.

Anyways...this one just, for whatever reason, all came together and worked out.  "luck is the residue of desire"?

On a side note...there was a reason I put the clock is at 10:50...but I can't remember what it was. (shrug)


Editions of this piece will be at this link....ONLY until Dec.25th


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