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(if you didn't understand any of that...I'm not the one to explain it you you.)




While an illustration of Krampus may seem like a seasonal thing, I think a picture of horrified children about to meet a sorry fate at the hands of a mythological monster is fun year round.

Not long ago, the operators of Dutch Comic Con brought me out to be a special guest at their show. To commemorate the event I put out a very limited edition exclusive Arsenic Lullaby comic and illustrated this for the cover. As is always sadly the case with a cover, much of it has to get cropped off, or covered with logos, bar codes and other necessary evils. It is here though as an NFT un-cropped, unmarred, unblocked, in all of its childhood trauma glory. Every wrinkle, slumped angle of posture, and baggy eyed, shocked expression is here as it was meant to be viewed.

Illustrated via traditional means, all inking done with a brush, then colored digitally. Here's the rough draft...


and some finished inks...



the full piece will be at this link....I think there will be 7 of these...or was it 10? I think it was 7.



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