There...we reprinted older stuff.

As the guy who makes the Arsenic Lullaby stories, I am always focused on what is next. Because what is next is awesome and what I'm working on now is a pain in the ass, and what I did previously...I have little memory of.

The filthy capitalist in me is pleased when people ask for older stuff to be reprinted. It means a lot of new people are finding Arsenic Lullaby. The original run of Arsenic Lullaby ( the comic book sized issues) hasn't been reprinted in about 6 years?  I don't remember exactly, but it's been long enough that enough people want to be able to own the early work that it bares reprinting...again.

Here's some of what I got for you.

 lot's of short stories


Alien Centaurs!

and plenty of longer Voodoo Joe stories!


It's 90 some pages of what I consider the best or more essential from the early part of the run. The plan is to do a part two with the best from the later part of the run, but this stands on it's own and there are no cliff hanger or anything like that and it's a nice historical chunk of the series. 
 If you have that big 450pg collection, you already have this stuff, but if you don't it's really worth getting.

It's all really good work, when you trim 16 issues of an already great run down to're really talking the cream of the crop.

It's limited to 300 copies however ( There's a reason for that and it's a long story) signed and numbered with a sketch on the back.


The question for some of you is "Do I have this already?"

One day I'll make a big timeline of what came out when and what was collected into what.  "one day", which means probably never.

I'll break things down like this- these stories are from comic book sized issues, not magazine sized . 

None of this is in this new collection.

If you have any of this...then you already have what's in this collection.