you are witnessing, or missing, art/human history change right in front of your eyes


If you are new to this, half paying attention, or a flat out skeptic...let's make something clear. NFT is a MEDIUM, like painting is or movies are or music.  In each of those is plenty of garbage like the movie "Paul Blart Mall Cop", if people paraded that around as an example of film, like people parade around 16bit pics of a panda, people would laugh out loud at the idea of paying to see a movie.  But Paul Blart is not the exactly the panicle of film is it? And it would be absurd to show that as high film work instead of Apocalypse now. 

So...when next you hear "NFTart" think THIS different from a 16bit cat as Apocalypse now is from Paul Blart.and there is everything in between

NFT is a new medium and it is being explored, to my mind the best nft art are things that could not exist in any other medium...not really. This here is an example of something I've done that I can explain why it only could be an nft...

Seems like a simple animation, and it is...however I could not do this even in a "cartoon" because the frames of a cartoon are on the screen for split seconds. The viewer would not be able to take in all the detail, I would have to move the camera in to show the men at the cauldron. There are several things happening at once and a lot of detail and the viewer's visual perspective does not have to change. The viewer can remain looking over the shoulders from the back of the room and still be able to take in what is going on far ahead...without it getting bigger.

Make no mistake, there are already masters of NFT art using and creating more advanced techniques and doing mind blowing visual work. That piece above took about 80 man hours. That's about average for a legit piece, though everyone works at their own speed.

So, when you get shown a 16bit pic of a kitty...that is not the tip of the spear that is creating this revolution. That is "the Spice Girls" not "David Bowie".


Let's back up to a bare bones explanation of what a piece of #nftart is. Being that it is 2022, many if not most artists work with digital tools, so a work of art they create exists as a digital form/file. Meaning there is no painted canvases to hang, no sculpture to put on a pedestal.  It is no less a work of art will we in this modern age pay these people for their work and have ownership of their work?

 Some clever people figured out that they can attach ownership of that digital art file to blockchain technology, which is what cryptocurrency is rooted in. .

That art/file, although digital, now is unable to be duplicated, because any duplication/copy of that file would not be attached to the blockchain. the NFT is not simply the file, it is the file combined/attached to the blockchain.  Make sense so far?

That file/digital art that is attached to that blockchain is an NFT.

That is a crib notes explanation, if you delve deeper and read/hear a different explanation...that's fine, this is enough for you to get the general idea, though.

It now being unique and it's single ownership able to be confirmed, makes it able to be owned and thus able to be bought, sold, given....collected. Collected like physical artwork, or statues, or baseball cards, or first printings or records, or first edition books. You could have a reproduction of a Willy Mays rookie card, or a reproduction of a Picasso, or a reprint of Grapes of Wrath...but they would not be the original. That might not matter to you, and that's fine. To other people that has great meaning. Have you seen the end of Citizen King? A rich powerful tycoon's last thought are of a sled he had as a child. Human joy is a very very precious thing. a valuable thing. a reproduction of his sled would have been frowned on. A reproduction of a Willy Mays rookie card may look the same, but it is not the same. It will never have the same emotional value as holding the card that was created when Mays was alive and young and not yet a legend.

A copy of a digital file may seem like a different thing, but it is not. That file was created and added to the blockchain itself by the artist...verified...dated. There is a profound connection there.

Perhaps you are still wondering why someone would pay money to "collect" work that is not a physical you have Itunes? Did you pay for the movies and songs you have there? Well...guess what? You collect works that are only digital.

With that sorted out, let's move onto the fact that we are watching art history itself. Simple things that are just the tip of the iceberg like, making the canvas any size or dimension you want, having the canvase change it's perspective, mixing digital and collage and traditional tools...



Very few times since mankind has crawled out of the caves has there EVER...been a new creative medium. This is the advent of the printing press, the invention of recording sound, the invention of "moving pictures" . Think about the affect music has on the world, movies have on the world, books have on the world. Now think about what the world that was before we could record sound, make movies, print books....before the masses could enrich their lives with these things...or at the very least use them to help forget their lives when life becomes unbearable, taxing or needs to be fled from temporarily.

All those ways of art touching peoples lives was, by and large, absent before those inventions. NFTart can and likely will have a similar affect.


Think about all the innovations that have come to those mediums since their inception. Thousands of years music had not changed much, then recorded sound and we went from Big Band to Jazz, Pop, Rock and roll, Rap and hundreds of sub-genres. The instruments themselves changed, as did the ability to merge them. A violin player in Japan can collaborate with a master of the synthesizer in California. Think of the music and lack of variation of it in the early days of recorded sound...and look at what we have since.

NFTart is that level of invention, that much of a new medium, for the art world.


 A oil painter in Brazil can collaborate with an animator in Florida and a sound editor in Chicago...oh...that's right, you can have sound. an artist...can create an image, make the image move. make the tones/hues change, add sound! The only limit is the size of the file. Allow me to give a little of the nuts and bolts of why this is all so exciting as an artist...

You have an image, a painting let's say...there are basic visual, unavoidable, elements that need to be taken into account for the composition of that image to be appealing. "It's an art not a science" a odd saying, because there is a bit of science to art, and composition is slave to that. BUT...if the image moves....that means the composition can move! The visual center can move, the way you lead they eye and the way to put emphasis on certain aspect can change! The mood can be set by the music, the movement, the pacing...and the visual can contrast or work with that.

A static image allowed none of that, a purely animated clip can have that but details are often overlooked/unnoticed by the viewer. That WAS the give an take between a short film and a piece of art that is static. WAS. But now you can have that movement while STILL loading up the details or the color gradients or patterns, because that image is not only going to be a brief moment in a film or animation...that brief moment IS the piece. and the viewer can watch over and over and take it all in, for as long as they wish to.


I'll use the gif of the Aliens above as an example, not just because I am an ego maniac, but because it's visually simple pop art-ness makes it easier to explain. As a static image the mood and fantasy would be less, because the hand would not twitch (leaving it up to interpretation how long it had been since victimized) , the smoke would not move (leaving it less menacing, less tense ), the space craft could be interpreted as en route, instead of hovering. The eyes would not move, and I would have to choose if I wanted them to be looking and the victim or the viewer. See what I mean? If a picture is worth a thousand words, and NFT might be worth a thousand pictures.

Suddenly there is a whole box full of tools at our disposal, so many that it is just what I've called it - a new medium.

It is revolutionary. It is visionary...and visionaries have come to play.

We are our lifetime an absolute art revolution. Artists from all mediums, all backgrounds, all disciplines, or even no discipline are ALL...CONVERGING...ONTO THIS NEW MEDIUM AT THE SAME TIME. 

Look up Cambrian evolution explosion if you are unfamiliar with the term. That's what we are at the beginning of.

That is what we are alive to see and have front row seats for. You don't need to collect anything, if that's not your interest...but as long as you have a pulse and a shred of human curiosity, you're going to want to soak this in.

Soak it in, like you are seeing Dizzy Gillespie pick up a trumpet for the first time, or the Rolling Stones at their first live tour, or Jimmy Hendricks deciding to try the guitar, or Public Enemy picking up their mics with the express intent making the whole country pay attention...or perhaps Johnny Cash realizing simple and straight forward is how he wants to express himself.

Because those are the likely parallels of what is going on and what is about to start happening. Unprecedented combinations of skill, talent and perspective merging with an unprecedented level of artistic possibilities.

Rather than just plug my own work or favorites...which would fly in the face of the spirit of exploration that this whole thing is for artists, collectors, and even as some links to NFT sites, look around, spend time, enjoy yourself. You'll see a WIDE range of talent, skill levels, and styles...and given the natural order of things, that wide range might also never been seen again.


Unfortunatly not all of my collection is at this gallery, because some pieces were minted on blockchains not compatable with this gallery app. 

Which sucks, because some of my favorites ain't there, but...(shrug)






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