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do you think we have time to write/illustrate/ink/publish this book AND run an online store?  we don't...yet, SOON however you will be able to get exclusive and one of a kind items right here.

ANY and we mean ANY comic book store (if they say they cannot they are lying to you , pure and simple) can order current items for is what is available for order starting in Oct.

Arsenic Lullaby Zombie Fetus Statue (limited edition run)


Only because we screwed up and only brough like 50 to Comic-Con International are we able to put the remaining stautes up in Diamond Comics Catalogue. the run was limited to 305...we have around 200 left. there WILL NOT be enough to fill up all of Diamonds orders so get your order in FAST or request a statue from us personally.

statue is hand painted by Douglas Paszkiewicz and the original sculpt was done by him as well. each statue is numbered on the bottom and comes with certificate of authenticity,





Arsenic Lullaby Animated Pilot


This animated pilot comes with a handome cardboard sketch sleeve. sketch sleeves are limited and will run out. each sketch sleeve...obviosly...comes with a sketch.

***those of you who got DVDs from us directly and didn't get a sleeve..that's because it took us three months to track down someone who could make them for us...but send us an e-mail and we will gladly send you a sketch reason for you to missout because you got on board early right?







(not actual Cover art)

450 plus pages containing stories from the entire run of Arsenic Lullaby Comic books, with editorial comentary at the begining of each section by Douglas Paszkiewicz reviewing all the crap that went on behind the scenes









The Arsenic Lullabies and all materials on this site Doug Paszkiewicz.