In the beginning, there was a comic book called Arsenic Lullaby. It ran for 14 glorious issues, gathering praise from warped fans and critics alike.  

It then moved from A. Silent Comics Publishing to AAA Milwaukee Publishing.  During this move it's name was changed to The Arsenic Lullabies. and three spin offs where created "laughter of the Damned" "Misery a go go" and "the thousand Deaths of Baron Von Donut"

after that turned out to be too much work, we went back to the old title and it picked up where the numbering left off with Arsenic Lullaby no.15.

after a move to capitalize on market changes WHILE giving the market the finger at the same time,  the series has changed format, moving to a magazine / squarebound ...thingy.

the series continues as a twice a year square  under the name ARSENIC LULLABY PULP EDITION


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Issues Published 

by A. Silent Comics

Arsenic Lullaby no. 1

Arsenic Lullaby no. 2

Arsenic Lullaby no. 3

Arsenic Lullaby no. 4

Arsenic Lullaby no. 5

Arsenic Lullaby no. 6

Arsenic Lullaby no. 7

Arsenic Lullaby no. 9

Arsenic Lullaby no. 10

Arsenic Lullaby no. 11

Arsenic Lullaby no. 12

Arsenic Lullaby no. 13

Arsenic Lullaby Christmas


Published By 

AAA Milwaukee Publishing

Arsenic Lullaby no. 14

Arsenic Lullaby no. 15

Arsenic Lullaby no. 16

Arsenic Lullaby no. 17


Arsenic Lullabies no.1

shipped fall 2002

Arsenic Lullabies no.2

shipped spring 2003

Laughter of the Damned no.1

shipped winter 2003

Laughter of the Damned no.2

shipped spring 2003

Laughter of the Damned no.3

shipped summer 2003

Misery a go-go

shipped winter 04


published by 

Arsenic Lullaby Publishing

The Thousand Deaths of Baron Von Donut no.1

shipped summer 05

Arsenic Lullaby Pulp Edition no. one

shipped summer 06

Arsenic Lullaby Pulp Edition no. zero

shipped summer 07

Collected Editions

the devil your neighbor

apathy for the devil

the devils hat trick

dammed laughter

year of the fetus

the donut cometh



































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The Arsenic Lullabies and all materials on this site � Doug Paszkiewicz.