I will be

the NEC comics booth,(NO. 1807) publishers of The Tick.

They have exclusive stuff!  Like a limited edition print of the cover I did for issue 1 and CCI Limited edition sketch covers.  Get them while I am there...make me look like a big shot...and feel free to mention loudly how cool you think it is I will be Illustrating The Tick !

July 14th 2017 

See this pile of papers?

That is a stack of thumbnail sketches and roughs of pages that I have worked on. Some are intricate and fleshed out, some are just a mess of ideas and scribbles.

 Everyone who stops by our booth ( no.2200) and picks up something can have one. Whichever one is on the top...I don't have time for every Tom, Dick and Harry to sift through 98 pieces of paper and scratch his head over which one he wants. 

YOU...can have three, and I will let you pick the one you want...just come to the booth and say DEADWOOD.

By the way...if you are NOT going to be at SDCC, I'm giving you fair warning that whatever original art you see now at our online store...will be gone by the time the show is over.  That includes the last remaining four pages of original art from The Tick. Yeah...of the 22pg story, there are 4 pages left.  Do with that information as you will.

and...that's all for now.

July 13 2017

Thurs. Fri. and sat at 12 noon you can find me at the NEC comics booth(no.1807), publishers of The Tick.

 I'll be there signing autographs and doing sketches...or whatever the hell they have in mind.  They have Comic-Con Exclusive sketch covers, and some sort of exclusive with my work in it.  I don't have any real details on what they have...I have my hands full trying to make sure I have stuff at my own booth.  But, they have...something....and I can sketch on it for you as a gen-you-wine illustrator of The Tick. So stop by and say hello...and feel free to go on and one loudly about how awesome it is I am working on the book. 

JULY 8TH 2017

Hey remember last year's fiasco when the books showed up printed backwards? or the time I sliced my hand open and needed 13 stitches the opening day of the show? or the time....or that other time...

I'm really not interested in tempting fate this time by announcing a bunch of stuff. Let's just start with something simple.  Where we will be. Booth 2200, same as previous years. and same as previous years, I will be there all five days to sketch for readers and berate passers by under my breath...or out loud.

What? Too small for you? Fine...

I'll also be at the NEC booth signing exclusive sketch cover issues of The Tick...not sure when yet.

We'll have ( these are two I am 90% sure of) two collections of "best of" stories from the original run of Arsenic Lullaby comic books.  Good stuff in these and they have blank back covers for sketches.  Limited run of these...only 300.

That's all for now, more soon. Oh, and I'm going to say this here, in case anyone who can make it happen is reading...I want to meet the Angry Video Game Nerd.  He goes to this show, I don't know what days or if he's having a panel or what, and I don't have time to find out. So, any help would be appreciated.


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