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Pulp Edition Omega  

too late to reserve your're screwed.

WE'VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR SIX MONTHS TO RESERVE YOUR COPY AT YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK STORE. If you didn't...then you might be out of luck.  You're best be is to call a comic book store in your area and ask for it by name ARSENIC LULLABY.

good luck


new samples


you can order  online (keyword arsenic lullaby)

Now...onto the previews


VOODOO JOE VS his zombie fetuses-Voodoo Joe learns more about his curse, is he getting stronger or about to be consumed by his mask? meanwhile a renegade fetus rallies the other zombies fetuses to attack their master.  Will they overtake him?  will the girlscout book of spells nuetralize Joes power? Will another take his place? Is this the END of Voodoo Joe as we know him?

BARON VON DONUTS TRUE LOVE- Baron Von Donut returns to Cuba to find his lost love. Will they wind up happily ever after?  or will she feed him to a shark again?

BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT- two middle aged men get turned into vampires and find that their lazy work ethic is spilling over into finding victims

Plus- Nazi's, drug dealers, serial killers and all the staples of good comedy

and remember Arsenic Lullaby is independently published appreciate your help promoting this book!

Here are four poster/flyers that you can download (right click and save or print)

  poster 1                     poster 1 hi res

poster 2                     poster 2 hi res

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poster 4                     poster 4 hi res

we are giving you permission to post these on your web pages, print them and stick them where ever you think it'll help comic book store, break room, coffee shop, concert hall, ect ect ect.  

if you are a store you can print them up by the dozens and insert them in people bags who are fans of this sort of thing.

you may NOT alter these images.  you may adjust the size.




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