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  Wiztard comic-con 2010 recap


"encumbered by idiots...we pressed on"


It's angry time again. Just finished the Wiztard convention in Chicago. and as i mentioned before...i'm NEVER going back. this might be the worst run show of all, which was the consensus among not only myself but fellow comic book makers, publishers, vendors, and most importantly FANS.

heres' a quick rundown of the crap i went through before i even got to the show (if you listen to the blog you can skip the black section)

i call the dopes to see what kind of tables they have left...because i have no interest in being out in left feild somewhere. Dope no.1 tells me i need to fill out the form and talk to dope no.2. which is not that far out of standard procedure for a larger have they guy in charge of who's buying tables be seperate from the guy in charge of who is at which table...oh wait YES IT IS. why the fuck do they have two different guys hadling the tables? but the real rub is the form requires all your credit card info, so you have to buy a table before you find out if it's a table you want. i mentioned this to dope no.1 but got nowhere...i had already made up my mind i was going cuz enough fans come see me at this show to make it worth going to even if i am in left feild so...i fill out the form and call dope no.2.

I tell dope no 2 that dope no 1 said he is the guy to talk to about placement. Dope no.2 who i will refer to as spat...because that's his name. was indignat..."who told you that?!" (when i use quotes here it is because it is a direct quote from my conversation with spat) spat was in no hurry to help me and told me the form had a spot were i could request to be next to someone...but they don't have the floorplan list out yet so I DON'T KNOW WHERE ANYONE IS, SO HOW THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW WHO I WANT TO BE NEXT TO? i tell spat i want to be next to the TRAFFIC...i'm trying to make a buck , not sit next to my buddy. at this point i pull out the Eisner nomination card and the Mad magazine card...he was slightly more reasonable after that but not much "i don't know who any of the artists are yet" DIRECT QUOTE. this asshole is running a comic book convention and doesn't know who the artists are..."maybe next year we'll have a spot on the form to list what people have done"...maybe THAT SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING ON THE if you are running out of space you are sure to not sell a spot to a guy with a book he stapled together at kinkos and not have room for frank miller...maybe...if they ever sold out...which they never do.

then he tells me there is alot of traffic everywhere at THIER show because THIER show is different...people come for the artists.




FIRST that is how EVERY SHOW IS JERK OFFS! people don't come for the .50 comic book boxes and assorted toys they can get cheaper on ebay...they come TO MEET THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE COMIC BOOKS. and let me add that this dope realizes that the artists make the show..yet doesn't bother to know who any of them are. and this ain't this guys first show. he was running philly and chicago last year. and as far as i know runs the table placement at ALL of wiztards 5 or six shows...which would make this his 12 comic book show and he has not yet bothered to know who anyone is.

After butting heads with spat breifly i said goodby and resigned myself to being out in left field somewere...and i was. i was at the back of the roon facing one isle and a wall...right next to a fellow who draws the green lantern...seeing as how there is a green lanter movie coming out and i am...well i am MIGHT WANT TO GIVE US A MORE PROMINENT SPOT...SO YOUR SHOW LOOKS MORE IMPRESSIVE AND SO WE COME BACK NEXT YEAR? nope and i will be going to C2E2 in chicago next year and so will about a dozen of other comic book pros i talked to. i alos talked to a published who said thier sales at this show have dropped 60% in the last two years under this "management". so...cross another large publisher off the wizard world list...along with dark horse, DC comics, Marvel, Image, and just about everyone else.

The show itself was a total cluster fuck. comic book shows that know what they are doing make sure the first thing you see when you walk in the doors are big fancy impressive booths run by comic book publishers who know whatthey are doing...first table at wiztard world...rod blagoyavich (that's probably misspelled)Now if you are into politics you know that this is the former govenor of illinios who just got indited for lying to the feds...he was there signing autographs. if you are into comic books you have no idea who he is and were probaly wondering why he was at a comic book convention. well i can answer that...this isn't a comic book's an autograph convention the section that took up the most space was devoted to washed up actors, wrestlers, and even former govenors signing autographs for 50$ and up...but hey that's a big draw just look at the line.

this pic wasn't taken before the show or on preview night...this was prime business hours friday. cluster...fuck.

Let me give you a briefing of more nonsense from another show to highlight a point i want to make to my "peirs". (AND STAY TUNED FELLOW COMIC BOOK PROS...I WRAP THIS UP WITH SOMETHING YOU NEED TO HEAR) a tiny show in nowhere wisconsin dropped by the booth and asked me to attend thier show. it's only like 30 minutes away and i'm not doing anything so i checkout thier website...probably going to make like 50$ after expenses but what the hell...50$ is 50$ and my el camino needs a new starter. i notice that they are screening some indy i say -hey, we have a new DVD out that people want to see, you wanna screen that as well? they say great idea!...the screening room is 75$ an hour...these the middle of a town whos population is a fraction of my readership...think i should pay to enhance their show. are they of thier rockers?! i am offering to give more poeple a reason to come up and PAY THEM to attend thier show...and they want to charge me for it?! how many of you would pay 5$ to see the arsenic lullaby cartoon pilot on a big screen and have a short discussion panel with me about it? LOTS OF YOU. why the sam hill would i PAY THEM TO GET MORE OF YOU TO PAY THEM? i just an ego maniac? am i just so full of myself that i think they should jump at the chance to have me debut the dvd at thier show? am i just living in my own lttle world thinking that a comic book convention promoter show know who thier guests are and what kind of draw they are?...i know how many books we move at shows, i know how many people make a bee line for our table at each of these shows...and i can do math...i know that if every person who came to the show to see me PAID the promoter to get in the door...I MADE THAT PROMOTER ALOT OF FUCKIN MONEY. and should be treated like i am making them alot of fukcin money.

so...who is really to blame? the promoters? a little, but not as much as you might think. some of the blame falls on the shit reputation that "indy" comic books makers have because of the shitheads who pass themselves off as indy comic book makers. a parade of dousche-nags with slice of life comics made at kinkos, web comics drawn with all the skill of a three year old and written with the wit of a stoned liberal arts student who just finished reading some propoganda about how rich white guys ruined the world, who get 4000000000 clicks a day 99.999999% of which are thier buddies click "refresh" to make it seem like thier comic gets 4000000000 clicks a day...the other .000001 % are people who are bored at work and click onto their comic with all the zest of clicking onto a u-tube video of a cat chasing a lazer pointer dot. that.000001 does not give a shit about the web comic enough to pay to see the creator...pure and simple. do i sound like a jerk here? GOOD. I've had an assfull of these LOSERS...if you work for free YOU ARE A LOSER. IF YOU MAKE A COMIC BOOK AT KINKOS BECUASE YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ENOUGH TO GET IT PRINTED PROFESSIONALLY YOU ARE ALOSER. if you spend time everyday putting up a web comic for free you are a LOSER. You are saying to the world "my work is not worth paying for"

"but Doug i just do it for the love of's a labor of love"

Hey that's great...i do it for the cash and the satisfaction of doing it better than the next guy, now get the fuck out of my way. you wouldn't go to a plumbers convention and see a bunch of amature plumbers and guys who managed to unclog thier drains sitting next to the rotorooter company! yet in this fucked up industry i (work translated into two languages, ten year veteran, nominee of the Eisner and Harvey Award, AND regular contributor to the worlds largets humor magazine MAD)am constantly right next to a guy who is selling book he made off his home printer of some wolverine knock off or stories about breaking up with his girlfriend. IT REDICULOUS (if you are one of these losers...stay tuned i am going to give advice to you next week that will help the 1% of you who actually want to be MORE how to be MORE)

This brings us to the real culprit...the people who are realy to blame...MY "PIERS" fellow comic book professionals. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO COMPLAINS ABOUT THIS SHIT?!! why am i the only one who butts heads with these jerk off promoters?!! get on board you pussies, we don't need to put up with this shit. it's 2010...we have pay per download, we have online stores, we have ebay...THEY NEED US! they are the assholes who have nothing that can be purchase outside of the internet. NOT US! THEY HAVE NO PRODUCT TO SELL IF WE DO NOT SHOW UP! you all have blogs, and do interviews, and have message boards...start calling out these assholes. now i moved some books at wizard world but not enough to eat a shit sandwich every year...if we wanted to get jerked around by some asshole on an ego trip who wants to pretend nothing we do creates any revenue for them WE COULD JUST GET REGUALR JOBS. I stopped going to that show in detroit YEARS ago...and even though it cost me some bucks i don't regret it one bit. and now after FINALLY enough of you trickled away (you should have STORMED AWAY AND RAISED HELL WHILE YOU WERE DOING IN) there is competition for that show HALLOWEEN WEEKEND I WILL GO BACK TO DETROIT TO THIS SHOW AND RAKE IN THE MONEY HAND OVER IFST from people who have been waiting for me to in the end i really won't have lost much at all...instead of selling comic book1 ,2,3 over the course of three years i will sell comic book 1,2,3, all at once. are you following me? same amount of need to each a shit sandwich...AND helped drive the market to supporting a show that isn't run by an ASSHOLE.


1-MNCBA COMIC-CON WWW.MIDWESTCOMICBOOK.COM- treat you great, busy show, easy parking and set up, well managed

2-COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL -no need to go into why this one is great

3-orlando mega con-great show, busy, well managed, easy set up nice wide isles, carpeted

4-i-con in Iowa-small show but well managed, they treat you well and do thier best to promote...this could become a big deal if enough of us get on board.

i'm going to be doing alot of shows this year and i'll keep you's about the rest of you do the me these assholes will change their tune or go they way of the doodoo after even a dozen of us start saying what's don't even have to give me credit,you can pretend you don't read my blog and never saw this...just start standing up for yourselfs...for fucks sake!

comments? concerns?



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