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We may be taking a pass on the Wizard World Big apple con.  a little birdie has reported some shenanigans on the part of Wizard entertainment i.e. going back on their agreement on space, exposure, and exposure in the magazine.  still a decent deal to your average Indy publishers...but I'm not your average Indy publisher.  and the fact that they are saying one thing and then going back on it, for me is enough to say go fuck yourself.

i am tired of making money for people too stupid to realize that i am making them money.  

let's go over it once more, and by all means e-mail this to any convention operator you care to. if you run a convention pay close attention- the guy who draws spider man attracts the same $$ as the guy who draws the fantastic four and the guy who draws the Hulk and the guy who draws the x-men.  they are ALL bringing in the SAME $$$.  do you understand what i am saying?  if joe smoe likes super hero books and you have the guy who draws the hulk, joe shmoes's already going to you putting out a bunch of extra effort to get the guy who draws the x-men is a waste of your time because joe shmoe who also likes the x-men is already going.  it is a waste of time because now that you have the joe shmoes interested you need to bring in the $$$$ that doesn't give a shit about super heroes.  you need to attract know...girls...those are the strange creatures that make you nervous and sweaty when they walk past you in your oversized button up silk screened yugio shirt.   

you need to attract high school kids, college kids, many of whom don't give a  crap about super hero books.  sure the number of people who don't read super hero books who attend a comic book convention is small...TAKE A SMART PILL ASSHOLE AND READ THAT SENTENCE AGAIN, because in that very sentence is the KEY TO GROWING YOUR idiots. that small percentage could be a lot bigger by you getting your head out of your ass, and finding some exhibitors and pros that appeal to people who don't give a shit about super hero books.  BECAUSE OUTSIDE OF YOUR LITTLE CIRCLE OF ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT THE VAST VAST VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SUPER HERO BOOKS.  

wizard world cons and thier magazine has become a circle jerk of muscle men in tights and capes and only muscle men in tights and capes.  why don't you go to the wringling brothers circus and screw the guys in the high wire act and get it over with.

if you want your show to grow you need something for having something for everyone you are on the ground running no matter what the hot book, celeb, movie, pop culture fad, is that aren't playing catch up.  San Diego has something for everyone not just super hero does mega con, so does new york comic con...oh say...did i just name the three most successful conventions?  must be a coincidence...NO IT'S NOT A COINCIDENCE YOU MORON.  i didn't just make all this up...i have seen from doing 10 shows a year for 11 years what works and what doesn't.

Shows that promote pros and exhibitors from all walks of life grow and shows that focus only on super heroes and the guy who played the cop on the dukes of hazard shrink...lose money...and eventually go away or get bought out for pennies on the dollar by someone with a brain.

now...back to wizard world (as though i ever stopped talking about them) if they want to play ball and come through with what they said they where going to do...great.  we'll be there and promote it and in the new york area we will probably get in the ballpark of 100 people attend the show SOULY BECAUSE WE ARE THERE.  30.00 a ticked x 100 is 3000.00.  that's just Arsenic Lullaby readers by the way that's not counting the people who will show up just to see Steve and who ever else he dug up.  and that doesn't count people who where deciding whether or not to go and Arsenic Lullaby was one of the factors that convinced them to go.  they can make ALL THAT $$$ by following simply having us at the show and letting people know we are at the show.  OR they can give a bit more press to the guy who inked the teen titans one time.

four shows...from now on and that's it.  MEGA CON, MNCBA FALL-CON, SAN DIEGO, AND NEW YORK COMIC-CON...want to see me in your area?  look for us at a horror convention.  sorry but that's the way it is.  i am through making a crap load of money for assholes who don't appreciate it.  you convention operators by the way could DO YOUR JOB, and walk around the show during show hours and see with your own two eyes who has a crowd at their table and who does not. WHO IS A BENEFIT TO YOUR SHOW AND WHO IS NOT. just because they guy inks spider man doesn't mean he's a people person...he could be and often times IS a jag with no people skills that no one wants to deal with.  where as ARSENIC LULLABY'S CREW is outgoing, funny, and exciting.  if i had 20.00 for everyone who came to the table and said we where the best thing about the show...oh wait i do...and so does the promoter only he's too stupid to realize it.

questions? comments?