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who really killed who?

       We will be at the Pittsburgh comic-con this weekend, and Iíve gotten a few backhanded remarks about it because the guy responsible for the show may or may not have killed his wife.   I don't really know any of the details other than hearsay.  There was a trial and I think he lost.  

Here is what I heard.  The guy paid someone to off his wife and make it look like a break in.  This was ten years or so ago.  He got remarried like the next week and his current wife still runs the show.  That is what I heard.  Not sure how much of it is true but I think the guy is in prison for the murder. also this murder happened a decade ago and just recently the evidence caught up with the guy.

So...Iíll just say this.  I think that anytime a husband kills his wife or wife kills a husband it should be considered self defense.  regarding situations like this where we see the ugly end of a marriage and one person looks like the total asshole...well,  my friend put it like this many years ago and it still rings true- "let's say you're at a store and you see a couple and the woman says "hey here is that cream you needed" and the guy says "shut your fat mouth you stupid bitch Iím looking for something else now." your first inclination is to think that that guy is a total asshole...but that's because you have only seen this tiny tiny part of their lives missed the previous months of nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging and nagging."

So. We have no real idea how these two interacted in private and if someone reduces the years you are alive that is murder isn't it? Even if it's in little dribs and drabs, a thousand life sucking little events...that person is killing you, so killing that person is self defense.  So...I am willing to let God make the judgment on whether this guy had good reason to have her killed.  My only problem with the guy is that he gave the job to someone else.  That I cannot get behind.  You should take the glorious duty of offing the horrible woman who's killing you little by little all for yourself.  ...look marriage is a contract that clearly states in most cases "till death do us part" now I read that as "death" being a legal option for ending the contract.

Am I saying you should be able to kill your wife or husband if they are ruining your life?...i dunno. But I am saying it should be a city ordinance violation at best, because none of us can ever truly know who had it coming.  Take o.j. who clearly was me guilty or innocent is not the question.  The question is did she have it coming.  Look...someone wanted to kill her so bad that they nearly cut her head clean off with a steak knife.  Are you telling me that SHE did NOTHING to drive this person crazy enough to commit such an act and risk going from being rich and famous to life in jail?  I don't buy it.  I truly believe that 95% of the people who are murdered have it coming.  or in the words of Hitchcock "no one is innocent"

so anyway...I don't know the whole story and I don't really think it's any of my business so Iíll be at Pittsburgh comic-con this weekend.

also we have some stuff up on eBay this week, most of it is NO RESERVE cause I just want it gone.  keyword - arsenic lullaby

and finally time is closing in on the best show this side of California THE MNCBA FALL CON! In st.paul Minnesota.

This show is TOP NOTCH!  it's cheap parking is FREE, the venue big and easy to move around in there are panels and grab bags that are actually worth getting and JUST GO HERE AND CHECK OUT THE GUEST LIST

and I am pretty sure none of the people involved with it murdered their wives...(I guess you can't have everything)

you won't find a better and more fun show to go to. Unless you want to fly to San Diego...and it still say it's a push at that.



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