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          ...why am i keeping this crap?

Often people come up to me or e-mail me asking to buy original artwork of a certain page from a back issue, or sometimes old products like the smoking fetus zippo lighter or Voodoo Joe bust, or even a back issue or two. well i don't have any of that stuff. I have survived partially because i'm not sentimental about any of it. I move the stuff out the door as fast as i can and never look back. I don't have any of my own t-shirts, i have maybe a handful of original pages, i don't keep any back issues or old posters. I move it out the door into the hands of readers and people who will appreciate it more than me.

once in awhile i'll finish a page and not be so sick of looking at it after spending ten hours drawing it and say "hey that turned out really well i should hang onto that"...and then one of two things will happen, i'll get sick of looking at it and sell it at a convention or i'll spill something on it.

i just have no interest in keeping it around...i bring this up for two reasons.

First the early issues of Arsenic Lullaby were actually made with film...waaaayyyy back when we were just another indy comic book that "wouldn't be around in 6 months" (don't worry i know who that quote is from and i check in every once in awhile to shove it in the persons gotta make the job fun ya know?) some printers were still using film instead of computers. so i don't have computer files of some of the old issues...and as it turns out...i could really use it right now as we cobble together a GIANT Arsenic Lullaby Collection that will be available for sale at x-mass time. It'll be around 450 pages or more and along with all your favorite stories, each section will have an editorial page by me of all the crap we had to deal in regards to publishing our beloved Arsenic Lullaby during that period of time. back to the lack of computer files...and my not having any back issues- one of you is going to have to fall on the grenade for the sake of your fellow Arsenic Lullaby Readers. i'm going to need a copy of each issue (issue no.9 in particular)'re not going to get it back because i'm going to have to disassemble it for the sake of scanning in some pages that would otherwise be lost to the ages. The brave soul willing to do this will be able to negotiate with me on a trade of some sort. maybe a commission of his or her choosing or a one of a kind sculpt ...i dunno you'll have to search your heart and decide what would be fair.

The second reason I bring this up is because i've been cleaning up the disaster that is my office and found some stuff you guys might be interested in. not the least of which is the FIRST copy of the Arsenic Lullaby Hardcover TPB "year of the Fetus". this was a SMALL print run to begin with...only 250 of them were cranked out, signed and numbered (why did i only print 250?...because i'm an idiot...they were gone in three months...i didn't even fill all of the orders from Diamond Comics was a high dollar item and i just didn't think at the time that very many people would want to shell out an extra 30.00 to get a hardcover instead of a soft cover..idiot). I have no.1 sitting right here on my has almost been destroyed by rain, ink, energy drinks, and just plain being thrown out accidentally. i really should get rid of it before i wreck it and since the new collection is coming out i really have no need for it at all. If someone out there wants it, come up with a dollar figure, e-mail me and i'll more than likely agree. I guess you could call this a silent auction ...I'm going to paint the office in a couple of weeks so you have until sept 15th to name a price ...after that it will more than likely get paint spilled on it and be worth nothing to either of us.

I also have two pages From Arsenic Lullaby Omega that i have sold TWICE...the first time was at a convention and the lady came back and asked to trade them in for a Mad Magazine page (fine by me) and the second time the guy traded them in for a commission ( skin offa my nose..although...if it were me i'd rather have these pages...that is if i kept this sort of thing). so same deal on these...if you want em e-mail me an offer but this time you gotta keep them...i'm starting to think they might have some weird brady bunch tikki doll curse or something.

I also have a crap load of sketches from the arsenic lullaby cartoon pilot that frankly i don't know what to do with ...i don't want to throw them out but they aren't really nice enough to sell, and they are drawn on scrap paper that has some medical clinics logo on the back or something. what do i do with these? any ideas? I can't even really see sneaking them into the packages of people who buy t-shirts or stuff online cuz it's like I'm sticking garbage in there. maybe i could use them to wrap zombie fetus statues.

speaking of those i had a bunch of paint issues with those and only managed to bring a dozen or so to Comic-Con they'll be in Diamond Comics catalogue for x-mass along with the big collection, and the DVD...don't expect me to be able to fill all of Diamonds orders though, if you see me at a convention and i have some at the table you should probably get it then and there. the low numbers are gone except for no.1 which i was going to keep for myself ...until it hit the floor and cracked. i guess anyone else would have been pissed ...i just swept it up and was grateful to have that much more room on my desk.



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