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be involved always or never

Every so often I feel that I really didn’t get my point across as well as I hoped…like something was missing …and once in a while you people via your comments actually help me drive the point home. sometimes by wording things better than i did, sometimes by completely missing the point in such a way as to clue me into what was missing.

In response to my desperate attempt to get people to understand that their representatives are lazy and stupid (full blog here )

I received among others, this response from a “dr.light” it is in blue and is a prefect example of what my inbox is full of on a daily basis

so who are these "you people" that you fancy yourself so much smarter and less gullible than? if i had voted for the aged republican instead would things be better and would you not be a whiny negative asshole? i bet not.

This is the rebuttal of an idiot,  it has a snotty insult, no real input, and doesn’t address the point of the blog (i was complaining about the senate and congress i never even mentioned Obama until the last sentence).  and it has a condescending tone can almost see him clicking send and then leaning back, chest puffed out like he really zinged me.  unaware that in three little sentences he has proven he is a complete moron

if he thinks I wanted McCain to win he hasn’t ever read one of my blogs before NOR HAD HE READ THE BLOG HE IS COMMENTING ON.  to think i felt like i was insulting peoples intellegence by saying "for rest of blog click link below"...instead of just putting the link there...apparently dr.light needed me to put a big shiny button or maybe a banner with a naked chick that you click in order to read the rest of the blog before you respond. 

I state very clearly that I am not saying you need to vote them out in place of a republican…I said that voting in ANYONE who is willing to read the bills before they are signed would be a step up.  Ironically by him not even understanding my two page blog he drives home the point that these senators could not have read and understood the 1100 page bill in a week.

finally..."you people" would refer to the people out their doing the thing i am talking about.  if in this or future blogs i say something insulting about "you people" and YOU are not doing, saying, acting in the manner i am complaining about, than you are not the "you people", and if you ARE...then you are.  in this case dr.light takes offense because i fancy myself smarter than "you people" ..well dr.light i know how to click here when something says click yes i fancy myself as smarter than you.

onto another response that really helps me sum up my rage.  I will be interrupting the response, to so avoid confusion…her response is in blue…my interruptions are in red and when I am grabbing her by the collar and wildly shaking her back and forth while shouting the type will be in purple.

I really just decided I don't care. Whatever they want to do to "stimulate the economy", I really don't give a damn.  I didn't vote for any of those people.

You are the same person who was actively protesting the Israeli bombing of Palestine a couple months ago…you saw fit to stick your nose into what some other country should do concerning a policy you have proven to know ZERO about but you can’t muster up caring about what is going on in your own back yard? What kind of a jackass are you turning into? 

and by the way nothing has been solved concerning Palestine…so why have you all stopped protesting?  I’ll tell YOU all why she stopped protesting and is not concerned about this bill…because it's not sexy.  because CNN is not showing big loud colorful explosions for her and her ilk to screech at and hop up and down like red assed baboons.

This is exactly what I am screaming about…the battle for your freedom, The struggle to make the country the place we all want it to be and not a corrupt hellhole does not conclude with the election of the president nor does it conclude when CNN gets bored and moves on.

The president presented this bill…that's ALL he did about it.  It passed because many years ago a lazy corrupt jackass got elected to some local aldermanship, and weaseled his way into getting elected state senate and then eventually congressman and he and many like him voted yes.  It is every single year several times a year at every  local election.  dr.light, Kristin, everyone else who said why bother or what can we do?  YOU CAN PAY ATTENTION ALL YEAR…and not just pull your head out of the sand every four years to slap a bumper sticker on your car, hand out some buttons and think you made a difference. 

It is the hight of irony to me that so many of you are worried about conspiracies and shadow governments…YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU TELLING YOU TO “GET FUCKED”.  Shadow government…why would anyone bother operating in secrecy when we have such vigilante citizens like Kristen here  …and…  I ..quote… I really just decided I don't care. Whatever they want to do to "stimulate the economy", I really don't give a damn. 

Onto the rest of her comment.

 The country is being driven into a depression worse than the 20s? Whatever.

You silly spoiled brat….do you have any idea what the great depression was like?  People where rioting and killing each other  over food!  people here starving to death here and overseas and it allowed people like stain Mussolini and Hitler to take're in college...READ A BOOK

I get a check in the mail for a small sum after I pay my taxes? Neat. The bill has a bunch of corrupt aspects to it  Egh. I'm apathetic. I have plenty of other worries about this country's other actions/policies/etc., so this is the least of my concerns. At least as far as I can tell. I could be wrong. But if I am, oh well.

You could be and are wrong…because in order for the government to do all the other things that “concern you” THEY NEED TO HAVE YOUR MONEY….BILLS THAT DIVY UP THE MONEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT BILLS OF THEM ALL!   IF WE STOP LETTING THEM TAKE AND SPENT OUR MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE ANY POWER. they use 


 many of those things are buried somewhere in those 1100pages.  don't believe me?  want me to point out the $$$$ that is going to fix the vandalism at the VERY EMBASSY THAT WAS GUMMED UP BY CERTAIN PROTESTERS A FEW MONTHS AGO? would you like me to point out the $$$ that is to be  used to upgrade the security and widen the perimeter around that embassy and all other embassies located on the continental u.s.?   BY THE AY I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU AND YOUR ASSHOLE COHORTS FOR GIVING THEM THE EXCUSE TO STEAL MORE MONEY FROM USE...nice job over there in San Francisco...keep it up...why i hear that Israel and Palestine kissed and made up right after they saw a bunch of college kids from the U.S. chanting in front of an embassy.

Does it seem like I’m being to harsh?  …she was all up in arms and posting all sorts of crap about how and why to protest at the Israeli embassy a few months ago. And now…

 Can't really do much about it by myself.  

...until the next time she turns on CNN and is bored? this is the kind of willy nilly involvement that is fucking us.  imagine that the struggle for the direction of this country is a middle ages "braveheart" battleground...on each side are brave skilled people fighting it out...and then you have band of wild eyed goons swinging thier longswords around and around like a windmill and running at whoever has the most colorful shield.

Let me reiterate my point here in a calmer manner.


all you people out thier who voted for the first time this presidential election and got all psyched up about it listen...

that was a fine start but,you have to stay vigilant and stay knowledgeable and vote every chance you get…for every office no matter how insignificant it seems because these little positions is where the big corrupt assholes get their start.  Stop them early.  Some of you asked why bother…and said that they are all the same…well guess what? they aren’t, and even if they where…all the more reason to vote for a new guy every single time because it slows down the corruption. 

I’ve done a few illegal things in my day, dealt with a criminal enterprise or two and i can tell you-  finding someone who can keep his mouth shut AND isn’t stupid and prone to getting caught or screwing things up isn’t as easy as it sounds.  This isn’t a movie.  You have to feel real comfortable with someone before you let them in on things that could get thrown in jail.  And if you vote in a new person every chance you get you slow corruption down quite a bit.  

now...i don't know what else you do all day that is so important that you can't check up on what your local officials are doing for five minutes...playing video games, watching HBO, getting stoned, spreading VD, BUT there are people out there risking there lives for this country...i'm not one of what i try to do as a good citizen is stay involved. yes i know it's a drag, and exhausting at times and it feels like you are fighting the ocean, but you have to remember the corrupt assholes out there could be made to feel the same way, when every time they get someone on board with some scheme that person gets voted out.  or they get their phones lines clogged up and e-mail boxes filled every time they do something lazy or shady.

but if you'd rather play one more level of pac-man fine but keep doing that when 2012 rolls around. better that you never get involved than to only get involved every four years or when you see something explode on cnn. 

because that just makes you a “useful idiot”