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            I was wrong?


I can always tell when I've written something with an incorrect fact, or an argument people think is flawed because i get e-mail as soon as i click "upload" on the new blog the e-mail box has rebuttals waiting.  so i got one yesterday as soon as i uploaded the blog and knew it was going to be a "you were wrong because blah blah blah"  but i couldn't understand WHAT i could be wrong (make that PERCEIVED as wrong since i'm usually right and just have to re-educated the e-mailer) about this time since the blog was about my nervous breakdown. here is an excerpt

"you said before that "inconsistency is the product of small minds" yet you say you work to the point of breakdown on the book but don't care about spelling errors."




that's a good point, but i also mentioned i just recovered from a grueling month so, gimme a break.  I do care on a personal level, i don't like it when i make a mistake, BUT i think that a reader would be better off enjoying the book as a whole rather than nit picking. think of the errors it COULD have, that MOST of the books have i.e. plagiarism, tired old storylines we've all seen a million times, crappy layouts, impossible to follow word balloons and dialogue, crappy characters we've seen a million times, characters in tights and capes in 2009. there is no perfect book, i'd say a spelling mistake here and there is the lesser of all the possible evils.  

good point though, and kudos for being such a well studies reader to be able to quote it in order to rebut it.

The florida con was okay, and considering it was their first attempt at a fall show i'd say the promoters of mini-mega con should pat themselves on the back.

after the con on Saturday i was invited to see the Voltair concert.  (google voltaire) He's sort of a goth comedian/musician.  The show was very good i'd say, although i think i would have liked it more if i had known anything about him.  alot of the show had jokes and anecdotes that you needed to know a bit about him in order to get. Given the niche type of performer he is i don't blame him for gearing the show towards people who where already fans. then later on at the bar I ended up sitting and having a few drinks with Voltaire...i wouldn't say "against my will" exactly, but it wasn't my idea.  i try my best to NOT spend time with other creative types, especially when i'm trying to wind down after a show. I've met more preformers, second string celebrities, and "rising stars" than you can shake a stick at and it all ends with me either arguing with them or just finding an exit and fleeing the life sucking pretentious boredom. I thought back to Voltaires performance and sized him up on the first couple hellos, and my gut immediately said "dousche-bag". i knew i was in for a night of blownardness. I will tell you fans of voltaire, you fine folks who give him your hard earned cash...i couldn't have been more wrong.

Voltaire is one of the FEW performers who is genuine, unpretentious, and just as funny and interesting in person.  The guy is an absolute scream, is irritated by all the same things i am irritated by so we got along great and even better-the guy who was semi-stalking me turned his attention to semi-stalking Voltaire, in fact i was able to scamper away twice without the semi-stalker seeing me thanks to not only was he a great guy to hang out with, he absorbed one of my problems. I won't get into any of the conversation because it was a private drinking conversation but i will say Voltaire = great guy.  look him up, see his show, and have no fear that you're supporting an a-hole because he's not and deserves all the success in the world. of all the creative types I've met that makes...four if you count Medavon from Lockjaw.  which i don't think counts because i met him first THEN saw his show.  google Lockjaw because they have some show coming up that you need to attend.  and thanks to Alanna for bringing him over.

oh and don't forget

i even learned a thing or two about licensing from him so when you see Baron Von Donut thermoses at Wal-mart later you can blame him.

The con went well but sometime half way through Saturday i got a semi-anxiety attack and decided i just don't want to do these anymore.  they just aren't as much fun as they used to be, maybe because i'm not fighting for my life like i used to be.  i'm an elder statesman now and 50% of the people who come up either are already fans or have heard of the book and had it recommended.  It might help if you all pretend you never heard of me when you come up. or maybe it's because there isn't any competition out there.  in my next Blog i'm going to tell you young dopes how to properly promote yourself so that when i stop the readers will still have something to come and see at these shows.

come see me at a show in the next 9 months because after that i'm going to do -San Diego, Mega-con, MNCBA FALL CON, New York and that's it. four shows a year that i know i love instead of 8-12.

we are going to put up all sorts of stuff on e-bay at the beginning of Sept. including the last few pages of Arsenic Lullaby.  get it while you can, or don't.


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