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okay...i am going to blog about Brett farve coming out of retirement and playing for the Vikings because i live in Wisconsin and it's apparently the law that everyone voice their opinion electronically.  all you non-football fans don't fear though because i am pretty sure i can make this interesting for everyone.

to start with Brett Farve, like many seasons before, has decided to come out of retirement at the last minute and this time he will be playing for our rivals the hated Minnesota Vikings...let me say this again-Brett Farve has earned the right to get away with as much BS as he is able to.  he is a future hall of famer, he puts asses in seats at the stadium, he produces ratings, he sells merchandise.  everyone out there who thinks everyone should be treated equal is living in a asinine fairy tale at that.  why should this guy have to operate under the same guidelines as everybody else?  he's better, he generates more revenue, and he's more fun to watch.  If he want to blow off training camp and jerk teams around...what's it to you?

having said that...the guy is an addict.  i have been saying this since his dad died.  let me be clear, any addiction specialist in the medical field will tell you that addiction is as much a character flaw as it is a chemical addiction.  this is why an addict will overcome heroine addiction only to go right to alcoholism...they are still, in the brain, an addict. they just changed the focus of their addiction from one stimulate to another.  so Brett Farve conquers his addiction to painkillers and everybody thinks everything is fine.  then his dad dies, and the next day he shows up to play football. his wife gets cancer and he shows up to play football. his brother in law gets into a car accident he shows up and plays lets change "he shows up to play football" with "takes a drink"'s the same response to adversity...brett favre takes a big drink of football every time he encounters stress.  and this is why he can't retire.  change "football" to "booze" in every retirement speech and un-retirement speech and it is clear that he has a mental addiction to the fame/excitement.  another element you need for something to be considered and addiction is does it harm your relationships with other people.  that would have to be a big fat YES.  he claimed a few years ago he was retiring because he was missing out on raising his kids...well instead of raising his kids he took a drink i mean played football, instead of being by his wifes side during her bout with cancer he took a drink/played football, he has ruined many personal relationships with teammates because he was struggling to stop drinking/playing football.  the guy is an addict and aside from his career, which is his addiction, he has ruined/missed/forfeited everything else that was important in life.  that folks is an addict.

Having said that...i like the guy and don't blame him one bit for using his career to avoid all sorts of heavy, ugly person stuff, i mean I would never do that... cough cough ... lets just say i like the guys style.  and let's all be honest with ourselves...this is the greatest thing that could have happened to football this year.  no WWE writer could come up with such a delicious turn from good guy to heal.  this is like Hulk Hogan joining the NWO...only better because it's real.  brett farve one time Packer hero, leader, legend, will now be playing for their rival and competition the HATED...constant thorn in the side...VIKINGS.  he will be playing against his old team...against his replacement, against the general manager who traded him.  He is going to come back to green bay, a city that worshiped him and face a stadium full of boos! and he is going to do his best to shove it up all of their asses. this is AWSOME.  and i predict that Brett crushes them.  i wouldn't have thought that a year ago but the totals from last season are in.  the packers WITH farve where 10-6 without farve 6-10...and they lost 8 games by 3 points or less in the last few minutes of the game.  no one who is honest can deny that Brett would have won at least half of those games.  he would have thrown bonehead interceptions in 4 of them and miraculous last second touchdown in the other 4 giving the packers a division winning 10-6 record.   the jets before Brett were an awful joke...with brett respectable...they won more games with Brett than without and the packers won less games without him than they did with him.   numbers don't lie.  throw whatever variables you want there was no bigger change for these two teams than Brett Farve.

and you can cry all you want about how he is a dickhead for always changing his mind about retirement, the fact that he CAN do this and have solid respectable teams chomping at the bit and kissing his ass to get him on board is all the proof you could possibly need to know that he is still a force in the NFL.  and WHY is he a force...because he focused for 15 plus years to be the best quarterback he could.  have any of YOU spent 15 years perfecting your craft and competing at the highest level of your craft? shut you pie holes, sit back and watch the greatest quarterback of our generation make this football season worth watching again.  AFTER he crushes the packers we will be treated to Brett Farve vs Peyton manning maybe? vs the New England Patriots maybe?  you'll be torn then won't you?  you'll have TWO entities who think (deservedly so) that the NFL revolves around them and (you may call it hubris or being concieted...i call it an EARNED swagger) go head to head.  this may be the best playoffs every and you can that Brett Farve...and while you're at it you can thank him for slaving away in a half assed franchise in a bumblefuck town like green bay for 15 years instead of going to a large market like new your YEARS ago.  




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