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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


happy labor day

or i mean happy memorial day...i usually get those two confused...except THIS year because a big memorial day parade went just about right under my bedroom window at the ungodly hour of 9am.  yessir a big f'n parade of people better than me.  on and on they marched one right after another, army, navy, air force most of whom were WW2 vets .  all in their dress uniforms complete with badges and ribbons to drive the point home that i am worthless.  "look at us, we are heroes!  we defended our country...we defended your sorry cartoon drawing ass from fascists...hell you can't even spell fasist you worthless bag of gen x crap!  watch us!  watch us march in all out heroic glory, while you rub the sleep out of your eyes."  then i looked around at the people watching the parade...fathers mothers, children...happy families...then i looked around at my apartment-empty, cluttered, a half drank bottle of vodka on my desk to help me draw the next freelance project.  it is like the ghost of x-mass present wanted to give me the finger. 

another thought then crossed my mind...if i owned a steamrolled i could , with one pass, eliminate everybody who will get in my way all next year..every one driving too slow in the left lane, every old bat who can't figure out how to swipe her card at the check out lane...they are all either marching or watching this parade.  greatest generation...feh! those people are all dead this is simply whats left...the people without enough dignity to die of a stroke at age 85...

then another though crossed my mind these poor bastards fought the nazis in WW2 and what do they get for it...well besides 1/4 of my money that the government takes so they can keep breathing and getting in my way...they get to march around in f'n wool uniforms in 85 degree weather.  yehaw.

then i thought some more,  what he fck did they accomplish anyhow?! NOTHING, i can't smoke in a restaurant, i can't ride a motorcycle without a helmet, i can't say God in a school building, the local governments tell you how often to paint your house and how long your lawn can be, they tax the crap out of everything and regulate the rest, the government is about to take over health care,..this is exactly what nazism would be like after 60 years of diluting.  think about it...i'm saying that if they won, after 60 years or so of it being assimilated and watered down, just like EVERY idea is after it's leader dies be it Marx, Washington, or whoever...this is what we would have. we are living in lo-calorie Nazism. 

thanks for nothing...the same old bastard who is marching around with some badges that a younger drunker version of himself earned is the first guy to call to alderman if i don't cut my lawn...freedom feh.